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Fly Free Charbonneau!

March 10, 2015 -- Char's Mom wrote "Today we lost our little Charbonneau, a lovely diabetic old lady cat who was sweet, loving, and very loved. Char came to us from Meow Village in Oregon through DCIN, and literally traveled diagonally across the country in the past few years first to live with us in Colorado, and then when we moved to Florida. She loved to lie on our desks or in our laps during the day if she couldn't find a sunbeam, and sleep between our pillows at night. Char went to sleep in her favorite sunbeam this afternoon and never woke up -- may we all pass so easily when our time comes. We miss her already."


I worked SO HARD today.
September 9, 2013--Char has been home for a year now. Her Mom writes...

Charbonneau...reporting for duty sir.
When Char first arrived here she was timid, her fur was ratty, she was skinny, and she had a heart murmur and some signs of kidney problems. She's a totally different cat now!

She's sweet, sociable, and very loving to us, and gets along well with all of our other cats -- even Onyx The Bully. She sleeps with us at night (her favorite place is between my husband's pillow and mine) and is a lap cat whenever she can be during the day. She's still shy around strangers, but she's not at all shy with us and spends most of her time in the room with us, if not in one of our laps, whenever we're at home.

Her fur is now soft and silky, she's 2 pounds heavier than she was when we got her (which is a lot, she's a little kitty!), the heart murmur is now barely audible, and the kidney problems have disappeared. She visited our vet this week for her annual Senior Checkup and came away with glowing reviews and her bloodwork was so good that the vet said she wished all of her NON-diabetic senior kitties had such good numbers. Char continues to be very stable on 1 unit of Lantus BID, and that's the only medication she needs.

THANK YOU to Shari, to Meow Village, and to DCIN. All of you made this come together for Charbonneau and for us, and she's a much-loved, much-petted, much-spoiled little girl who gives us more joy than we can express.

March 24, 2013--DCIN loves to see updates of kitties who have been adopted. Check out sweet Char.

Move over Onyx
Mom writes the following: Char is doing so well that she's almost like a different kitty. Having several decaying teeth removed improved her health amazingly; she's put on weight, and her fur has softened and silkened. She's not at all shy with our other cats, and gets along well with all of them although I don't ever think she'll be a kitty-pile type of cat. 

Still, she definitely has established her place in the family! Here she is at dinnertime notifying Onyx that he's in her way. She reaches out and taps him on the shoulder -- tap tap, excuse me! -- and he'll move over for her without so much as a grumble. It's funny to see since he weighs more than twice what she does! 

Char spends most of her day hanging out with my husband and our other cats in his office, and likes to sleep in the bedroom with us at night. She's a wonderful little girl who's full of personality, and we were fortunate to have her join our family. :)

January 24, 2013--

Char with her friend Chenault


Charbonneau and "bully cat" Onyx.
September 25, 2012--We received a note from Char's new Mom. Miss Charbonneau saw her new vet, who pronounced her to be a very sweet and very fortunate kitty who is in surprisingly good shape aside from needing some pretty extensive dental work. Char will get updated bloodwork soon to check on her elevated BUN and creatinine. Char is showing no signs of any kidney issues, so we are hopeful that it was just her state of starvation and stress that were causing those elevated values.

Charbonneau is putting on weight and while she is still far too skinny, it no longer seems like you can see and feel every bone in her little body. She's walking much better; her Mom has her on Methyl B-12 along with her insulin and it really seems to have helped with her gait. She is also getting along wonderfully with the family's resident kitties. To the left is a dinnertime photo. The black cat is Onyx, a reported "bad-tempered bully cat" and the only one that Char's new Mom was concerned about not accepting her. Obviously Char's taken care of THAT quite handily!

"Charbonneau and I would like to say thank you to all of you for taking such good care of her and getting her here to live with us. She has settled in beautifully and is a great addition to our much-loved herd of cats!"


September 17, 2012--Charbonneau is doing GREAT. Her blood glucose levels and her insulin dosages have been steadily declining. She is showing signs of being Off The Juice before too long! Char is integrated with her family's resident cats. She's a very sweet girl and she's wrapped her new Dad completely around her little paw!


September 6, 2012--Char has been adopted!

Little Miss Char Kitty is doing VERY well!  She's in my spare bedroom, and we spent quite a bit of quality time together. She likes relaxing on this blanket at the end of the bed. In fact, I think she feels pretty much at home! My littlest cat climbed over the baby gates at the door to get into the room.  She doesn't mind him at all; they co-existed quite happily for several minutes before I booted him out!  They look remarkably alike, too, it's kind of strange. She didn't even mind when he walked over to check out her food dish; she just watched him. :)

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September 2, 2012:  Sweet Char is a very lucky little lady.  She has an adoption pending.  All we need is to set up her transport.  She is going to be flown in cabin as she is not well enough for a long ground transport.  Hope to have a date set soon.

Please keep her in your thoughts.


August 28, 2012:   A very thin and hungry female stray cat has shown up and the wonderful person who is feeding the kitty cannot adopt and reached out to a local rescue.  Charbonneua was vetted and the blood work showed a blood sugar over 500.

This beautiful girl is FIV/FeLV negative, weighs just over 7 pounds and is believed to be about 8-10 years young.  She needs a home, good food and some care for her diabetes as well as a dental.

We don't know how she became a stray, but it's obvious she is not capable of living on the streets and used to be a wonderful house kitty.

Please help her find a new heart to warm and let her enjoy being a kitty.

Please contact jennifer@dcin.info

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