Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mascara in DE--Courtesy Post

August 14, 2013--We have found that Mascara is now sharing a room with another cat and consequently her diet is not being controlled. So Mascara is back on insulin.


April 9, 2013--We have found that Mascara has been OTJ (off the juice or in remission) since last August. Because of this improvement in her condition and changes in our procedures, we are moving her to a courtesy post. Her PetFinder page with Castaway Cats in DE is here. ~Venita


This is me, Mascara. Those words aren't on me.
The DCIN lady put them on a picture of me.
September 4, 2012--Yep, I'm still here, still looking for my home. I'm not all that happy living with a bunch of cats and waiting for my Mom or Dad to find me. Could you puleeze find me now?

Ask about me at


July 7, 2012--Hi, I'm Mascara. Seven springs ago, I found a great home. I lived as an "only" with Dad and Mom in a place with lots of other old people around. Dad got sick a few springs ago and had to move to the sick people place. This spring, Mom followed Dad. The lady in charge of the old people place called the lady that adopted me to Dad and Mom and asked her to come get me.

The rescue lady took me to a cheap vet place. The place told the lady I am FIV/FeLV negative and have dire beasties. I also gots my FVRCP and rabies shots. The lady took me to an adoption center where I lived in a cage alongside other cats that need new people. The adoption center ladies gave me special diabetic cat food but no insulin.

A week later, when the rescue lady came to visit, I was sick with a head cold and was losing weight. The lady took me home and wrote to DCIN on the 'puter. The rescue lady says she is very busy and doesn't have time to care for my dire beasties. That's OK with me cause the lady has lots of other cats here, and I'm not used to any cats, much less this manys.

The rescue lady took me to another vetty bean who says yes that's dire beasties and I also gots bad teeth and sick fur. She says I am thin. The vetty bean told the rescue lady to put me on insulin. The DCIN lady came to visit me and gave the rescue lady testing equipment for my ear. I don't mind the tests.

The rescue lady says I'm about 8 years old and weigh about 10 pounds. I always use the littering box. I likes to stay inside. I is sweet and docile. I loves to be held and sit on laps and sleep with beans. I will even hugs you when you pick me up. The rescue lady says I don't have any mean bones cause I don't hiss or spit, even at the vet or when I gets my pokies.

The rescue lady keeps me in the bathroom, and that is better than the cage at the adoption center and better than too many cats. I don't mind cats, but I has my limits. And I don't knows what dogs and kids are. But being laid back, I'm up for meeting anybody as long as they is nice to me.

I haven't had any of those real bad dire beasties things, like dire beasties keto-somethin-orother or hypo-whatever. I gets my shot two times a day. It's Lantus and I gets maybe 1.5U. (I am really learning this dire beasties lingo, aren't I?)  My BG numbers aren't too good yet.

I likes to eat. I eat wet (paté) and dry. Friskies mainly. Sometimes I gets fancy feast and Purina cat chow.

The rescue lady says she won't kill me because of the dire beasties, but I want to gets out of this bathroom, and I don't mean into the house with a kazillion other cats. Got home? Got heart? Ask about me by writing on your 'puter to


Sincerely, Mascara

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