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Welcome Home, Toby

July 14, 2014 -- Toby's foster Mom has adopted him. Welcome home, you gorgeous hunk of love!! ~Venita

I'm forever home!


September 17, 2013--"Toby is starting to like toys more. He loves the red dot laser the best! He's gotten wise to his soft paws and this time bit most of them off within a couple of weeks. His next vet visit his foster Mom is thinking to just have them put on his front paws and see if he tolerates that better. He can still be a little "pushy" towards the resident cats, especially at dinner time. He gets along with them for the most part, but when it's close to mealtime, especially in the morning, he will start picking fights with the other cats. No one has ever gotten hurt, but sometimes there's yowling. He still has to eat separately because it's less tense for the others."

March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday--

Toby in his Easter finery


February 16, 2013--DCIN raised $275 through the chip-in and $75 through direct donation for Toby's necklace naffle--a total of $350. However, we still have to raise another $900 for Toby to clear his bill. Please help if you are able.

(We continue to post Toby's naffle chip-in here for fundraising purposes. Because has closed to new fundraising efforts and DCIN has not yet found another appropriate fundraising site, we are keeping this chip-in open until we find an alternative. Anything new we have raised is anything on the tally over $275.)



February 1, 2013--Hi, itz Toby. I gets my dental today. Dis is a pricey surgery cause I lives in a spensive place and I gots lots of toof problems.

My foster Mom wants to help DCIN wid the bill for my surgery. She made this beautiful necklace. Dis is what she sez about it.
The necklace is approx. 18", made of green genuine pearls that have been hand-knotted onto silk thread (the traditional way of knotting pearls so they do not wear against each other on the strand), with a gold-plated heart pendant and a gold-plated leaf toggle clasp. A piece like this would retail for about $80.
Mom's friend Missi who runz the Luv Auctions 4 Animalz is helping get the wurd out and iz naffling off this necklace for $5/donation per opportunity to wins it. To help bring in donashuns for my dental, Auntie V has set up this chip-in. This is a naffle, not a raffle, so don't sez nuttin about a raffle in anything you write when you pay through chip-in or PayPal.

I'll see you all on de udder side of anesthesia. Tanks for helping DCIN pay for torturing my mouf (but making it better).


January 17, 2013--New photos of Toby.

You got this for me months ago?
Where's it been?
I love it now!!

This is me with my fur sister Miranda.

Toby has his dental scheduled for February 1. His foster Mom was uncomfortable with having his dewclaws amputated, so we have cancelled that part of his procedure. We still hope to raise restricted funds for his dental so that we don't have to use so much money from DCIN's general fund.


January 4, 2013--DCIN sincerely thanks all who provided support for Toby during the year-end countdown--whether donations, sharing his need, or best wishes. However, we were not able to raise what we need for the surgery that Toby will soon receive for his dental and dew claw amputation. The procedures and price tag aren't pretty. We still need to raise $1,250.

Toby is going to have at least one deeply rooted tooth extracted, with perhaps a bone graft and a surgical flap. He also will receive dental XRays to see whether there are roots that should be extracted remaining from the large teeth he is missing.

In addition, Toby will have his front paw dew-claws amputated. If you scroll down and look at his photos, Toby is a polydactal and he has multiple nails on his front dew-claws. Those nails grow into his paw pads and cause him pain. Toby's current vet and his former vet recommend this procedure. This is not a declaw surgery; only Toby's malformed dew-claws will be amputated.

Please help us with funds for Toby's surgery, if you can. If you aren't able to contribute, perhaps you can bless Toby by sharing his need or sending him best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery. Thanks a bunch!!  ~Venita


November 30, 2012--DCIN still owes $50 on Toby's recent comprehensive vetting (thanks to Missi's Love Auction for bringing that down from $350), and the estimate for his upcoming dental is $1,500. (Vet costs are pricey down in Dallas.) We are wrapping those amounts into a single chip-in that we hope to fully fund by year-end.


Foster/Adoption Application
November 8, 2012--
Toby and his foster brother put aside their
philosophical differences to hang out on the bed together.


October 26, 2012--Toby continues to be a tough nut to crack. He's a strong-willed boy that only wants to do what he wants to do, and ear testing his blood glucose levels is not something he wants to do. (His foster Mom is using Glucotest in Toby's litter box to check for urinary glucose. Toby isn't presently on insulin.)

His foster Mom says "With clicker-training, we are at the stage where I am trying to acclimate him to ear-warming. As interested as he is in food, he isn't as interested in treats, especially if they are accompanied by things he doesn't want to do. He'll just get up and walk away as I have the rice sock to his ear, disregarding whatever treat I'm trying to give him. He is very, very smart, and I cannot "trick" him into doing things like I can with my other cats."

Toby hanging out with his foster brother.

Toby is now integrated with the resident cats. "Socially, he's really starting to do well- I have all three cats on the bed with me most mornings."

Toby's foster Mom thinks he might be more comfortable with older people. "My parents were in town and he loved my mom, getting on her lap a lot, just for a few minutes."

Toby has lost muscle mass. We are sending him to the vet for a full workup in the next week or two. We would like to raise $200 for that purpose. Can you help?


September 21, 2012--The most handsome and photogenic Toby continues to progress with his foster Mom. What an expressive face this boy has.

Please contact if you want to talk about giving Toby his own home and heart.


September 2, 2012--Toby spoke with animal communicator Dawn Allen yesterday. We wanted his foster Mom to get a better sense of him, and to find out about his aversion to having his ear tests for blood glucose levels. After talking to Toby, Dawn had some suggestions for reducing Toby's tendency to overstimulate, including ways to clicker train him and advice to stop petting him well before he seems ready to stop.

To deal with the glucose testing issue, DCIN has bought some GlucoTest for Toby. That is a product that sprinkles into the litter and turns various colors depending on the urinary glucose. This is the first time DCIN has used this product, so we are eager to hear the results.

Toby's morning ablutions.
Toby hasn't been getting insulin because of his low sugar levels at his previous foster home, his lack of clinical symptoms, and the inability (so far) to test his glucose levels.

Foster Mom also tells us that Toby purrs like a helicopter. We are looking forward to a sound recording.


August 19, 2012--Trouble has a new name--Toby. Why? He's not (much) trouble, and Toby sounds a lot like Trouble to a cat.

What's this about Toby being not much trouble. Toby overstimulates easily. A few pettings, and he swipes or faux bites. Touching his ears for a BG test is a bit of a challenge. But his foster Mom is working with touch, sounds, and treats to try to get him past this.

Toby's a beautiful youngster who wants love. He deserves the best home ever after all he has been through--losing his person to lung cancer, being evicted from his home by the doctor and family, and being through three foster homes this year. If you have a spot in your home and heart for Toby, please contact


August 9, 2012--DCIN is bringing Trouble into DCIN foster care. Since our financial crisis earlier this summer, we haven't been taking in new foster cats, but we made the commitment to Trouble before we announced that situation.

DCIN needs about $250 to fly Trouble from NC to TX this Saturday. Can you help? ~Venita

The Lone Star State?
Where's that?
Am I going to be lonely?
Why doesn't anyone want to bring me home?


July 26, 2011--Trouble is in trouble and needs another home--foster or furever ASAP. His foster Mom in NC lost her job yesterday, and has to move the foster cats out of the house. Trouble, an insulin-dependent diabetic that seems to have a sputtering pancreas, is one of them.

I'm sorry to say I (Venita) have been moving slowly on Trouble because he seemed safe. Not anymore. A couple weeks back, I received these photos of him and his foster Mom said: 

"I let Trouble meet two Siamese girls I've had in the bathroom for a month........they came from a hoarding situation. Anyway, he is pretty much fine with whomever he meets. Looks at the new kitty, takes a sniff and continues to amble around. Very low key. Won't play but likes to headbutt and have his head scratched. Great for someone who likes a quiet, super-laid back cat that is low maintenance."

Meeting a Siamese baby.


July 6, 2012--From Trouble's foster Mom:
Trouble is a beautiful cat and by far in the best shape I've seen a diabetic. His coat is thick and luxurious. He's also a big sweetie.

When I bathed him upon arrival he did not hiss or swat and never has. He tried to climb out of the tub of course but certainly nothing different from the norm. He grumped at me a teency bit once when I went in to feed him for the first time..........he was hungry and his bowl was empty so he was relaying that he was displeased with that. However, now that he knows I bring food 4-5 times a day, he walks over, headbutts and purrs when I come in his room. He loves to be petted and brushed. Very much a big old teddy bear. No behavioral issues at all and he uses the box very well (he doesn't pee all over the sides like some of MY boys do!). Neat habits except he will tear into his canned food with gusto....bit of a piggy there but I'll take a good eater anyday.

He's a pretty laid back, low energy cat. He gets along fine with my other cats so I would say no issues there. He will politely sniff and go about his way. When he first came in he was 350-385 doing a couple of spot checks. I started him on one unit of PZI and have bumped him to 2 units. I've been spot checking and numbers are either just above or below 100. So I will probably do a little curve this weekend starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday morning. I'll let you know. But I think he's doing well health wise and isn't nearly as dire as his foster had thought. He also would be fine in a multi-cat household. Might want to consider changing his name though because it doesn't suit him and implies he's trouble, which he isn't.

July 1, 2012--Trouble has now moved to a foster home that has experience with feline diabetes. He has started on a PZI insulin and hometesting.

From his new foster Mom: He got a bath and cleanup when he arrived (and was trying to get out of the tub of course but not pissy at all). He's solid white with a strip of cream on the top of his tail. Coat is thick but short. Really beautiful big cat. Large boned and solid with a very round face. The only time he grumped slightly was when he decided to curl up behind the toilet in the bathroom after his bath.

He wasn't really eating and I'd given him enough adjustment time so I pushed him out from his hidey place. He grumped slightly but did not strike out at big deal. I brushed him, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

He's beautiful. He's been head butting and purring....very social. I'm starting low with 1 unit of PZI for the next couple of days until he gets into a routine and is eating steadlily. He did just eat the better part of a can of fancy feast and I'll give more in an hour.

Really nice cat I think. I'll let him settle in a day or two and test him with my cats.


Trouble before his extreme weight loss.
June 25, 2012--Trouble hasn't been on insulin. We learned that at his vet visit on Saturday he was found to have lost 5-6 lbs. We are treating this as a life-threatening 911 and have worked with his current rescue to get Trouble into a home that will treat him with insulin, hometesting, and appropriate diet. He will move to that rehab home as soon as the PZI insulin the veterinarian ordered for him comes in. Meanwhile, his current foster Mom has started him on two units of Humulin N BID.

Trouble will rehab until he is well enough to travel. We think we have a long-term foster home for him several states away. However, we prefer to line up a purrmanent home for him. It's hard both on the cat and on DCIN's pocketbook to transport a cat, and we prefer to only do it once. If you are interested in adopting Trouble after he is stable enough to travel, please let us know at or

June 20, 2012: We have some more information on Trouble and how he came to the foster situation he is in now.

His people loved him very much, but his human dad became very ill, terminal lung cancer.  The only way he could remain at home and with his wife for the final time they could be together was on doctor's order that Trouble had to go.

It was with the heaviest of heart that his furparents had to let him go.  He is truly a very special and well loved little man.  He's lost so much in his short life.  A loving home would go such a long way to helping him heal and who knows, maybe helping his first family heal a little too.


June 20, 2012: Trouble is a handsome little man in North Carolina, he's in foster but he needs more than his current loving foster home can provide. At just five years old, he's neutered, FIV/FeLV negative and will be a wonderful addition to any home.

He likes people and dogs, not necessarily to play but to be in the room with you. I've only seen him interact with another cat through my screen door, but he looks very interested in playing with him sometimes.

Front door buddies.
Currently being treated by diet alone, he will be vetted this weekend and it's possible he will need insulin. He was doing well on diet alone, but recently has been drinking and peeing more. The rescue group does not have a foster home that is able to give shots and home test on a schedule, it's important that he get somewhere that can do that.

His current foster Mom says: "He is a good cat with the exception of feeding time….."wants food now." He does like to hiss at you and try and scratch when mad, but what cat doesn’t. When he is mad, hissing does occur, but he’s harmless. He is very affectionate at times and likes to sit on your lap at night, and sleeps in the bed, sometimes right next to you. He enjoys being around people and dogs (as long as they aren’t aggressive). He hasn’t played with other cats except PK through the door. He is very curious."

Current diet: 1/3 can of Hills m/d twice a day, and he also has Hills m/d dry out all the time.

For more information please contact

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