Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tigger In VA Needs A Home

April 17, 2014--Tigger's foster Mom let DCIN know he's been OTJ (off the juice, meaning in diabetic remission) for 40 days. YEAH TIGGER!!


February 6, 2013--DCIN followed Tigger fairly closely in 2012 when DCIN foster kitty Bear shared his home. Tigger is now on Levemir insulin and although stable, still at relatively high BG levels. He has been eating raw food for some time. Tigger's PetFinder page is here.


April 5, 2012--Tigger is an Orange male tabby that is a diet controlled diabetic. He is still adjusting to his new environment but he is a very sweet boy. Tigger is currently in a foster home with another diabetic kitty. He is currently being fed Fancy Feast pate and has actually taken the stress of the move very well as his numbers have not really increased. He is a very handsome boy with gold eyes! We are not sure if he would do okay with other cats yet but he seems to have a very quiet nature to him. As soon as we know more we will share.

Tigger's is with Fancy Cats Rescue Team and his PetFinder page is here.

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