Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fly free Petie

June 23, 2013--After living a blissful 14 months with his new Mom and fur family, Petie was sadly taken this past weekend by Pyothorax, a bacterial infection in his chest cavity. Sadly, opportunistic infections are often the fate of FIV+ kitties. His Mom is completely heartbroken; Petie is the one who would help to groom her hair during their nightly snuggle sessions.

Fly free, sweetest Petie, and land gently back into your Momma's shattered heart. 
Peter at the vet's office
April 30, 2012--Peter flew Continental Cargo today to his new home. He fostered overnight with me before his flight. He is the sweetest boy and a big purr monster. ~Venita


April 22, 2012: Peter was brought to DCIN's attention a few weeks back. He was a stray kitty who showed up a few years ago and a very nice woman had been feeding him. She came home one day and found him lethargic on her lawn, he had been attacked by another animal. Brought to the clinic for treatment, he was shaved and drains were put in the wounds on his back and face. During his recuperation at the clinic blood work was run. They learned Peter was FIV+.

After a few weeks at the clinic gaining his strength the tech noticed his increased urine output and water intake. His sugar was tested and now Peter was diagnosed as diabetic. Sadly his person travels often and when he was a stray in her yard it was fine to feed him and leave food out when she was out, but now he needed someone who could give him shots twice a day, which she could not. Instead of putting him down the vet took him into the clinic but he could not stay long.

A friend to DCIN contacted us and from there a few other DCIN friends were contacted. Before even starting a blog page we had found a foster home for Peter. He will be traveling North soon. But, even better, we found an adoptive home. In the coming month Peter will be traveling again for the last time, to his forever home where he will never have to worry about another animal attack, his diabetes will be very well cared for and he will be a well loved and beloved family member. We are very thankful for this outcome.

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