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Mary and Rhoda - adopted together!

The girls loving each other.
December 20, 2012: Sweet Mary and Rhoda, the bonded pair who came to DCIN earlier this year, have found a home together. They didn't even have to look that far. Foster mom is now mom and we couldn't be happier about this. Mom's plan was simply to foster and help them get started on their new lives, but she said they are such sweet kitties she couldn't resist.

We wish everyone a wonderful life together and hope to hear lots of great updates. ~JJ

PS--The girls' new Mom donated to DCIN for the remainder of the cost of Mary's recent dental procedure, so we are cancelling the chip-in. Thanks Mom!! ~Venita


December 13, 2012--Mary's dental was even more serious than we thought it would be.

EEK!! Mary's full mouth extraction.

Mary's Bupe dreams.


Hi Mom. I'm hungry, but my mouth hurts.
Can you take care of that?
December 7, 2012--Mary has not been eating well lately and DCIN had her to the vet. She badly needs a dental procedure, which she will get on Tuesday, December 10. Her mouth is in bad shape and she will be getting all of the teeth behind her canine teeth removed (and others if they need it). DCIN would appreciate any help it can get paying for Mary's dental procedure.



Foster/Adoption Application
November 3, 2012--Mary and Rhoda are in great shape. It turns out that we don't have to adopt them together, although we would like to.
I think they could be adopted separately as they are both real people cats and love human attention. Rhoda (the non-diabetic) takes her time to get to like you but once she does she loves you and is super affectionate. Her dream home would probably be as an only cat or with one or two other mellow cats where she can get lots of human attention. Mary is a good match for her and she is relaxed and affectionate with her. They both love sleeping on the bed with me.
Now that DCIN is a 501c3, we are looking into showing our adoptable cats at venues such at PetSmart. Rhoda may be one of the first we try that with. She is not diabetic, and we understand that she is quite a love.


September 9, 2012--Rhoda loves that her foster Mom is working at her desk in Rhoda's room again.

Mary playing.

Here are some cute pics of the girls. Rhoda loves to sit with me at my desk and I get purrs and adoring looks While I work. She's also fascinated by the mouse pointer moving across the screen. I included the close up of Mary so you can see the cute little calico spot on her nose. She loves to snuggle up next to me in bed so this is often the first thing I see when I wake up. They both like sitting in sunny windowsills, snoozing and watching birds in the garden. Lisa
Adoring Rhoda
Mary's nose spot
July 15, 2012-- DCIN received a very generous donation for Mary's DKA care, with employer match, of $2,500 yesterday. We thank this donor very, very much for this help. It means so much to DCIN's continued financial health.

Because of this donation, we have reduced the total chip-in need to $2,800 (which includes the follow-up lab work that Mary had done last week). We only have $1,775 to raise to clear this DKA event off our books.


July 14, 2012--Mary is recovering well from her DKA. She had a recheck at the vet a few days ago and all her liver values, electrolytes and CBC were back to normal and she was very perky and smoochy. Her ketone urine strip was negative last night.

Please continue to help DCIN pay for Mary's six-day DKA visit. We still have $4K to raise. Ah, and here are two new pictures of Mary. From the different angles, Mary could be two different cats.

*********************************************************************************   July 4, 2012--Mary came home from the ER hospital yesterday. She has meds and fluids to take, and will get a follow-up vet visit next week. Mary's final bill was just a few dollars shy of $5,000. *********************************************************************************   July 3, 2012--Mary's bill yesterday afternoon was $4,600.  

Mary is feeling so much better and may be coming home today. She is eating normally and her potassium is up to 4.2. The ER and specialty vets are going to restart tapering off her fluids and as long as she continues to do well, she will be able to come home today. Mary will go home with sub Q fluids and the rest of her antibiotics, and she will get repeat labs next week to make sure her white blood cell count and electrolytes are still normal. ****************************************************************************** July 2, 2012--Mary's bill yesterday afternoon was up to $4,200.

I think it is more than fair to change this page's subject line to indicate that Mary is a DKA survivor. She is still at the ER hospital, and as of last night's report her white blood cell count is back into the normal range. They vets have reduced her IV fluid flow rate to start weaning her off and are monitoring everything. Her potassium level is still in the normal range but they would like it higher. Lisa said "Mary looked better again today and once she saw me she stood up and started rubbing and smooching. She is much more animated than before and looks more like her normal self." And least we forget Mary's best friend Rhoda, here's a video is her yesterday, playing with and loving on Lisa. ******************************************************************************** July 1, 2012--As of yesterday evening, Mary was doing much better. Her potassium is back in the normal range, and she was sitting up and eating from the baby food that Lisa brought her. I didn't get a $ amount from the hospital yesterday, but it's not any lower than the $3200 it was the day before.  

****************************************************************************** June 30, 2012--Mary had another rough day yesterday, and the hospital adjusted her meds. Her condition was improving when Lisa went to visit her in the evening. She is more alert, her electrolytes are improving, bloodwork shows her liver values only slightly elevated, and a repeat ultrasound didn't show any problems. Lisa took a video of Mary during her visit. "She was purring and doing little greeting meows. She is still weak but definitely looking happier."
A friend's Get Well greeting to Mary.
As of yesterday at 5pm Eastern, Mary's hospital bill was $3,200.  

********************************************************************************* June 29, 2012--Yesterday was a rough day for Mary. She is not eating, and the vets started her on IV magnesium for her electrolyte imbalance. Medicating an electrolyte imbalance is a slow process because the vets don't want to shock her system. Today will not be a homecoming day for Mary.
Thanks for loving on me.
As of yesterday at 5pm Eastern, Mary's hospital bill was $2,100.

****************************************************************************** June 28, 2012--Mary is doing well. She is eating and being started back on Lantus. Some of her electrolytes are still out of whack, and she will be coming home to her foster Mom on Friday at the earliest. *********************************************************************************** June 27, 2012--Mary is at an ER vet being treated for diabetic ketoacidosis. She has all the classic problems--dehydration, high BG level, probable urinary tract or bladder infection or pancreatitis, out-of-whack electrolytes. She is receiving all the classic treatments--IV fluids with electrolytes and prophylactic antibiotics, constant rate infusion Regular insulin. She also will be given an abdominal ultrasound and fPLI test, and may eventually need a feeding tube. Please help DCIN pay for this treatment if you can.  

June 6, 2012: Some new photos of the sweet girls.
Sweet Mary
Foster/Adoption Application
Rhoda, looking pretty
******************************************************************************* May 29, 2012--Mary and Rhoda made it to their foster home safely. They are settling as well as can be expected given the upheaval in their lives. ~Venita~ ****************************************************************************************************** May 28, 2012--Mary and Rhoda are on the road now, on an overnight transport to DCIN foster in the Sacrament CA area. I wanted to share with you the part of an email from their previous person about their naming, shared on their last day with her.
They are SO Mary and Rhoda (even if that does date me.) She definitely comes to Rhoda or various forms (oh god, here it comes:) "Rhodee" or "Rhodee Rhodee Roo!!" She loves to run really fast--when she get the opportunity--up and down the stairs, around the house like it's a race track, opening drawers, pulling thumb tacks off the wall(?), intentionally fleeing--because she can--then running right back to me when I call for her. Miss-Chievous, in general. Mary was Mary when I got her, and I kept it. Ironically she is nothing like a queen, and will do anything for love. She would climb inside my neck if she could.
Diabetic Mary
May 27, 2012--First we must tell you that these cats' names are actually Mary and Rhoda, like the best-friend characters in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. We think those are lovely names and are going to use them. For more information about this pair, contact These two darlings are moving into a DCIN foster home in Northern CA. They will be staying with Lisa, the woman who fostered Mooch before his adoption.They will be transported overnight to Lisa. We have promised that we will do all we can to make sure these two girls stay together. Even though not from the same litter, they have been together since they were both bottle-fed babies. The only times they have been separated is when Mary would go to the vet for blood glucose curves. ********************************************************************************************************* April 29, 2012:  In Long Beach, CA - This bonded pair love each other so much they can't be separated.  Queen Mary and Mademoiselle are beautiful and have a sad story, let's try to give them a very happy ending.  There is a donation from the current owner for anyone who can adopt both cats. From their rescue person: I've been helping out a woman with her two bonded CF [Community Felines - rescue code for friendly cats]  cats that she was trying to re-home due to health problems ...the sticking point is that the cats are 6 years old and one of them is diabetic, and they're completely bonded so they can't be separated. 
Nondiabetic Mademoiselle
The Maine coon looks enormously fat, but it's really mostly fur. Of course, she might be a little fat underneath all that fur.
 They are very sweet cats, and both very pretty. The maine coon, Mademoiselle, hisses a lot when she first meets new people, but it's just scaredy-cat behavior -- she's really a sweet cat. Queen Mary, the diabetic cat, is mellow and sweet right from the start.  Queen Mary, the diabetic is currently on 3.5U BID of Lantus, and her diet is DM dry all day and canned twice per day.  Both kitties are FIV/FeLV negative.

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