Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fly Free FIV+ Buddy

November 26, 2013--Buddy was euthanized today. He had been a happy resident of his new home for almost two years, but he was failing because of cancer in his lung. Fly free, dear Buddy. Your Mom weeps for you. ~Venita


December 10, 2011: A few months ago DCIN was contacted about an FIV+ kitty in a shelter in Rhode Island.
URGENT!!!! FIV+ Diabetic: Domestic Short Hair-Black, Cat; Clayville, RIURGENT!!!! FIV+ Diabetic: Domestic Short Hair-Black, Cat; Clayville, RI

From his Petfinder page: Buddy was picked up as a stray by animal control many months ago. He is a middle aged cat(maybe about 8yrs old) that definitely once had a home. He loves to be brushed and relax on your lap. He is sooooooo sweet and looks like a black panther with big yellow moon eyes. He will rub on his cage bars and flop over for attention and belly rubs.

BUDDY's TIME IS ALMOST UP. It is hard enough to try to find him a home after testing positive for FIV. But it was recently noticed he drank a lot of water. A volunteer group for the shelter that raises money for the animals footed the bill to get him to the vet. We found out Buddy is also diabetic! It is suggested we put him down because no one will adopt a middle aged diabetic FIV+ cat. The shelter is not is a position to administer insulin or give him pills twice a day or monitor is diabetes as it needs to be. (I know some diabetic cats do go into remission once on a proper diet and stress free environment)

Buddy has already been living in his shelter cage for like six months now in a quarantine area, an earshot away from the loud barking shelter dogs. It shouldn't have to end this way for Buddy. PLEASE THIS CAT IS SO LOVING I WILL ARRANGE TRANSPORT SOMEHOW TO JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE. Please forward this link to anyone you know that may be able to take him. He is neutered, current on shots and leukemia negative.

His Petfinder page link is here, although it may soon be taken down:

Buddy is now in foster with DCIN for a short time. He will be traveling to his forever home soon, details on transport are being worked on. Up until today he was be treated with Glipizide, at his foster home he will have his blood sugar monitored and will be transitioned to a proper diet and Lantus insulin. We look forward to many happy updates on this little man.

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