Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome Home Stormy!!

Thanks for being my foster Mom.
But it's time to go live with my real Mom now.
December 22, 2012--Today, Stormy starts his trek to his new home in Chicago. He will be traveling ground. He will first go to Baltimore and stay overnight with a DCIN friend, and then travel with her and her dog to the Windy City. He should be in his new Mom's arms Sunday night or Monday morning. (Yes, we are all watching the snowy weather conditions in the Midwest.)

We can't thank Stormy's foster Mom enough for rehabbing him the past three months. He came to her malnourished and with terrible skin and coat, including ringworm.

Stormy is now doing GREAT. His foster Mom gave him a dental as his Christmas gift and his mouth is healthy, although missing a couple teeth. He saw the vet a couple weeks ago and she said he was ready to go. His fur is grown in and is thick and soft. He is 11 pounds now, a good weight for him. Ah, the wonders of this foster Mom's homemade raw diet. And his diabetes is diet controlled.

Our deepest thanks to Stormy's new Mom for adopting him. Stormy is only about 3 years old, and we wish him and his Mom a long, happy life together. Welcome home, Stormy!!


Stormy caught a vole, but the dog claimed it as his.
Thus the vole got a proper "burial" instead of
being invited (to be) lunch.
November 5, 2012--Stormy is doing well at his foster home, except that he has the dreaded ringworm fungus. He is being treated, and even though his new Mom wants him NOW (even before Vinny finds his own home), we all agree he should stay where he is until the fungus is gone.


Yep, I like wet food.
September 24, 2012--DCIN found Stormy the most excellent furever home, but he can't go there just yet because his new Mom is rehabbing Vinny for DCIN. For the time being, Stormy is staying with a DCIN foster home that is just a bit away from his former home. As soon as DCIN adopts out Vinny, Stormy will be going home (if not sooner).

At this point, it appears that Stormy's diabetes is controlled by diet. However, it is a good thing that DCIN pulled him into foster care. He needs some additional diet changes because he has poor coat and skin, likely caused by food allergies. ~Venita


September 13, 2012: It's been a while since I've updated Stormy's page. He is doing well, drinking less and peeing less.  He gets along great with other cats, dogs and children.

His rescuers not only rescue animals but they spend much of their time helping humans. So much so that they don't have enough time to treat Stormy.

They are giving him canned food only and he is very happy, but he needs a home where he can get his blood sugar checked and receive insulin.

Please contact for more information.


November 9, 2011: Rescued by a local woman, Stormy needs a home of his own quickly. The rescuer has too many of her own cats and cannot keep Stormy.

The information reads as follows: "We rescued this cat to find a home for it. He was fixed when we found him and we paid to get his shots but we can not afford to keep him because we already have pets. He is very sweet and gets along with dogs; he sleeps with our dogs. Though he has diabetes he does not need medicine but needs diabeites cat food sold at Pet Smart. He needs a good home and needs someone to give him attention. The vet estimats him to be 2 years old. If you can offer him a good home please help us..."

DCIN has asked that they switch to canned only and will be helping with the cost of the Friskies canned. We've asked that if he remains there longer would they consider hometesting and getting him started on insulin. We hope that he can quickly find an amazing home, he sounds wonderful. His rescuer says he's no trouble at all, not even at the vet. He's great with the dogs and the cats. Extremely malnourished when found with sores that were not healing, he's starting to look better already.

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