Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Former DKA Ozzie is Improving

November 9, 2011--Ozzie is improving. Lauren is posting for dosing advice on the FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group.

DCIN didn't its $1,000 goal for fundraising. But we got close, collecting about $750. Because we have moved onto fundraising for Tawny's DKA, I am closing down Ozzie's Chip-in. The deficit will come from DCIN's unrestricted funds. ~Venita


November 6, 2011--Ozzie came home from the ER last night. This is Lauren's post last night on the FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group.
Ozzie at the ER, with his poodle cut.


November 4, 2011 (around 3pm Eastern)--Ozzie's vet wants to keep him in care another day. Although all of Ozzie's blood gas test values are good, he is not responding to the 4.5U Lantus the vet is giving him. Last night they had to supplement with "R" insulin to get Ozzie out of the 400s. The vet is very concerned about sending Ozzie, a multi-DKA survivor, home without having his BG levels controlled. They are now checking Ozzie's blood gases three times a day. A blood gas test, Dr. E. tells me, measures values relating to ketosis and acidosis, such as bicarbs, pH, electrolytes, and potassium. Dr. E said that Ozzie's blood gas values are normal, including potassium, which is now at borderline normal.

I did speak to the vet about whether Ozzie could be in rebound because of too high a Lantus dose. He doesn't believe that is the case. They were testing Ozzie's BG every 2 hours and never saw him take a plunge. The vet knows that there may some stress-related hyperglycemia going on with Ozzie while he is in the hospital, even though Ozzie is a very laid back cat.

DCIN is paying another $500 for Ozzie's care from 3pm today to 3pm tomorrow. The rest of the cost of his care for that time is being absorbed by the hospital. DCIN again thanks the LLEF committe for its support for this appeal!!

So please, if you can, contribute to Ozzie's care. Whether you contribute or not. I know Lauren and Ozzie are very grateful for your prayers and well wishes.


November 4, 2011--Ozzie should be coming home from the ER clinic today. I spoke with his vet yesterday. The news was that Ozzie's urinary ketones are resolved, he has been started on Lantus (he was on R IV during the crisis) at 3 or 3.5U, his potassium is still low (that's why they are keeping him another overnight so that they can slowly supplement that), and he is eating well on his own.

The vet expressed concern that Ozzie might be insulin resistant or acro. Dr. E said that Ozzie has a broad face and large paws. I believe they might be sending bloodwork to test for that.

The LLEF Committee posted on FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group in support of Lauren and Ozzie and this appeal, saying in part:

While are not running this as an LLEF fundraiser, we on the LLEF committee strongly support and encourage donations in support of Lauren and Ozzie. Lauren is not yet a regular poster in Lantus Land, but we do feel that once Ozzie is released from the hospital, Lauren will need to start posting here regularly to get the dosing help and other advice she needs to manage Ozzie's care. If we can help her with her vet costs, we will help give Ozzie the best possible chance of surviving this bout of DKA and having another chance at a healthy life. Every dollar or two or three will help to save this kitty's life.


November 2, 2011--I met Ozzie's Mom this morning. Ozzie has been under ER care for a few days with DKA.

Today, Ozzie is not acidotic, only ketotic. I have spoken with his IM vet, and between the vet and DCIN we are getting Ozzie one last day's worth of IV fluids with R insulin and potassium to try to get his system back on track. If you can donate, please do. If you can send best wishes and prayers, please do.

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