Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mr Persian in Rochester, NY

October 5, 2011--Thank you Sheryl of Rochester's Rescued Treasures for going to test Mr. Persian's blood glucose level. 94mg/dl. Not diabetic. DCIN has suggested to the shelter that if there appear to be clinical symptoms, they have a vet examine this dear blue boy.


October 2, 2011--Meet Mr. Persian (for lack of having his name). I am told he is a Persian mix. Yes, he needs a permanent home. A note from the shelter to a local rescue:
Got a Persian mix 9 year old neutered male cat Grey short hair, short face, absolute sweetheart. Is missing most of his teeth and is possibly diabetes. He is too sweet for us to just put down and we are hoping we can get a rescue to step forward and give him a chance to finish out his life in happiness. He has many more years of love to give.
DCIN is working with the shelter and a local rescue to get this boy started on insulin. Well, of course, tested first because of the "possibly diabetic."

More information about Mr. Persian will be forthcoming.

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Susan Luhrs said...

Maybe he's been peeing outside the box, could just be a UTI.