Monday, June 6, 2011

Bella at Home in Texas

June 6, 2011--Welcome to the DCIN family, Cheryl Lynn and Bella!!

Bella owns Cheryl Lynn and her family. But Bella's family couldn't afford to treat her diabetes, and turned to Maine Coon Rescue (MCR) to have her adopted. MCR turned to DCIN, and DCIN was pleased to find that Bella's family wanted to keep and treat her.

Because it had been awhile since Bella's vet had diagnosed her diabetic, DCIN sent Cheryl Lynn a glucometer and strips so that she could test whether Bella's blood glucose (BG) levels were high. DCIN also found an experienced caregiver from Diabetic Cat Care in Bella's town who provided a hometesting demo and chat about feline diabetes.

When Cheryl Lynn's hometesting found Bella's BG levels were in a diabetic range, DCIN paid to have Bella vetted for an insulin prescription and provided Lantus. Cheryl Lynn joined the Feline Diabetes Message Board as BellaCat. Bella's BG spreadsheet is here. DCIN also sneaks Bella a case of low-carb Fancy Feast from time to time.

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