Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fly free, Jimmy!!

Jimmy had a playful spirit!

January 7, 2012--DCIN continues to grieve Angie's loss of her dear Jimmy. We also continue to ask our supporters to help us to raise part of what we paid for his emergency care for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).


Angelwings, dear Chimichanga.
December 11, 2012--Angie helped her very sick Jimmy to the Bridge tonight. The outpouring of sympathy on Facebook has been tremendous. Jimmy touched me deeply, as do all the kitties that DCIN helps with a protracted hospitalization. I spend so much time with the vets and the caregivers, often making calls at odd hours to get updates from the night staff. But there was something extra special about Jimmy. Or maybe the something special was Angie, who she spent hour upon hour by Jimmy's side or in the waiting room of the hospitals. If love could have healed Jimmy, he would be back to his bright, happy self today. ~Venita


December 9, 2012--What a terrible holiday "gift" for Jimmy and his Mom Angie. Jimmy has been "off" for more than a week, and has seen vets twice (once at the ER), but yesterday when DCIN found out he had "large" ketones, we sent him and his Mom packing back to the ER. He is now being treated for ketosis.

Jimmy has been a DCIN-assisted cat, on occasion, for almost two years. Angie is the editor for DCIN's newsletter. You can read about her and Jimmy on page four of our July 2012 newsletter. One of the things Jimmy truly loves to do it eat. You can see him on video here. Now being so sick, Jimmy isn't eating. How sad is that?

DCIN is helping to pay for this hospitalization. Whatever we collect for Jimmy will go to pay for that hospitalization. For two days, the estimate is $2,400. DCIN already has put $2,000 of that on our credit card. Please help us help Jimmy. (PS...12/11/12--DCIN's total costs for Jimmy's stay at two different veterinary hospitals was $3,763.37.)



April 9, 2012--Jimmy cleared his ketones and started eating on his own quickly, so he was able to go home with only one day's hospitalization. DCIN's share of the bill was $625. Please help us cover this cost.

On Facebook, Steve said: "Aw, c'mon guys! I mow lawns for a living and I gave $50 for handsome Jimmy! Can't anyone else at least match me? Please?? Look at that face....."


April 7, 2012--The information is slim because this happened late last night, but Angie's Jimmy is at an emergency hospital with ketoacidosis. Angie took him in because he was not eating, and diagnostics showed DKA. I haven't talked with her about the estimate, but our experience is that DKA costs about $1,000/day with an average 3-day stay. Please chip in if you can; prayers and good thoughts regardless.

Angie is a big part of the DCIN family. She designs, publishes, and writes part of DCIN's bi-monthly newsletter.

March 3, 2011--What a gorgeous boy this one is. Jimmy owns Angie, and he was just diagnosed with diabetes. He was in emergency care, but it is unclear the nature of his problem.

Angie is a recent college grad, and hasn't yet found a full-time job. DCIN will be helping Angie with glucose testing equipment and syringes, maybe the insulin, and a small $ amount towards the vet bill from the emergency care.

Welcome, Jimmy and Angie, to the DCIN family.

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