Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marty's Bouncer

March 5, 2011--The fundraising for Bouncer's surgery is finished!! Marty's friends have raised $616.51 through DCIN. Thank you all so much. Now we can focus on prayers and good thoughts for Bouncer's health. *********************************************************************** March 2, 2011--Marty is a special woman. She rescued diabetic Ruthie from death. Marty has been struggling with her own problems--her husband died in a car accident and then she was laid off her job. Still, she took in Ruthie to share her heart and home with two other cats--Bouncer and Smokie. Now Bouncer, Marty's original diabetic, has a lump on his belly. Yesterday, the vet aspirated two vials of blood (there was no fluid, just blood) from the lump. Microscopic examination of the blood told the vet nothing definitive other than it's NOT a cyst (no fluid) and it's NOT a fatty tumor. The cells are epithelial meaning soft tissue or connective tissue. The vet said she is "significantly concerned" because of the way the cells are clumping together. Bouncer is scheduled for surgery to remove the lump (hopefully with wide and "clean" margins) next Tuesday, March 8. The vet also will clean Bouncer's teeth while he's sedated. The surgery is estimated at an amazing low $417. Yesterdays vet visit cost Marty $159. DCIN would like to raise this $576 to help Marty and Bouncer. Please contribute if you can. Instructions for donation by PayPal or check are here.

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