Monday, January 3, 2011

Fly Free, Bubba

June 12, 2011--I followed up with Bubba's Mom and she told me:
very sad to report that he actually never left. he had passed away in our yard during an outside adventure. it was winter and the snow had covered him which is why we couldn't find him during our searches.

Update 1/9/11--Sigh. I just heard from Bubba's Mom that he went outside (which he often does) four days ago and hasn't come back home. Please send "come home" vibes to NJ for Bubba.


Initial post, 1/3/11--A pictures tells a thousands words. When I was just a babe, I LOVED to hold kitties. I was blissfully unaware that the kitties were not quiet as ecstatic at being held by me.

It seems that Bubba may be in the same spot my cat was all those years ago. Bubba's been with his Mom for thirteen years, but he isn't doing well now that Mom's furless baby is walking, and grabbing. And there's another furless baby coming along in just a few months.

Bubba is a neutered, declawed male, mostly gray with white markings. He is a medium build, and thin. He's not very active, sleeps alot, and likes to be petted.

Bubba lives with a large dog and they mostly just mind their own business and don't interact much. Bubba is great with the baby, who pulls at him all the time, but he may have reached his limit. He is eliminating inappropriately (both pee and poo).

Bubba has been diabetic for five years, is on Humulin N 2U BID, is not being hometested, and is eating prescription DM. Bubba's Mom says his vaccines are up-to-date, but we would have to get an FIV/FeLV snap test before rehoming him. Bubba has been an indoor/outdoor cat. Mom says there are no other health problems, and would authorize a discussion with Bubba's vet.

Bubba and his Mom are close, and Mom wants to see Bubba cared for the way he deserves to be. "Bubba is a great cat and we've had a great life together. I am very sad to do this but need to be realistic about my ability to care for him and the fact that I need to keep my home sanitary for my children."

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