Saturday, November 20, 2010

Solomon in NE

Initial post, 11/19/10--Solomon is not diabetic. He has mild inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Mel found this beautiful boy in a shelter in Beatrice NE, with the intent of adopting him for her sister. But her sister presently is not able to move to NE and adopt Solomon, so Mel and DCIN would like to see Solomon get his own home and heart soon. Here is what Mel knows about Solomon.
The cat I found is named Solomon, he is listed as a "special needs" cat on Petfinders, and is about 45 minutes away from me. On inquiring why he was a special needs guy I got a ton of info on him. His only real problem is he has poop issues, they think IBD, but the poor guy has been confined to either their isolation room or his cage since July 2009 when he was first brought in at 6 weeks old. He is a big love and likes to ride on shoulders, the sanctuary that have him are desperate to find him a home where he can have some freedom. Sis will still take him if he is still there when she moves out here in the summer, but she and I both thought maybe we could help find him a home more quickly with someone from this board.
I know you guys are all great with all kinds of special needs so I thought I would at least ask here..I can spring him if a home can be found and will help transport him at least part of the way. I really think perhaps getting him out of a cage and on a good diet could clear up any problems he might have. He has a clean bill of health otherwise. If you would like to check him out he can be found here. He gets along well with everyone, cats, dogs, kids etc...but it breaks my heart that any kitten should have to grow up in a cage, if I didn't have a full house I would snag him myself.

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shelby said...

I would like to send Solomon 10 lbs. of our diet to clean up his IBD..please e mail me shelby@felinespride with info so we can fix him up