Saturday, November 13, 2010

Camille in VA

Update 1/10/11--Camille remains a broken diabetic and a happy girl. Among her housemates are two other broken diabetics, Chubby (Don's original diabetic) and Gus, and two insulin-dependent diabetics, Toby and Tommy. *********************************************************************** Update, 11/28/10--I received a call from Don yesterday. Camille hasn't had insulin since Thanksgiving and she is running numbers in the low 60s. We have to wait a bit more before we deem Camille to be a broken diabetic. Don says Camille is such a joy and the biggest kid. She loves to play. She loves to eat. ******************************************************************* Initial Post, 11/13/10--Camille comes home with her new PapaBean Don today. She will be the third diabetic in this cat-friendly home, and hopefully soon the third diet-controlled diabetic. An almost-not-forwarded email received on Tuesday containing vague information and a picture started DCIN on a multi-state search for a gorgeous female black and white cat said to be at immediate risk of euthanasia. Within hours, DCIN found Camille at the Rockbridge SPCA in Lexington VA and spoke with Linda, the shelter's cat-care person. Linda was crushed at Camille's diagnosis just the Friday before because it meant this 2 YO girl, after having been in the shelter about 18 months, would be PTS the following day. DCIN knows Don because he adopted Gus from a similar situation just four months ago. I called Don, asked him to check the posting on the FDMB, and within hours Don phoned back to let me know he had a spot in his home and his very big heart for a very special girl. Situations like this often require cutting procedural corners. With nothing but Linda's description of Camille's personality and her reassurance that there were no other health issues, DCIN filed the paperwork with the shelter to rescue Camille. Fingers and paws crossed that we won't get any surprises. Even if there are, I doubt that Don will leave Lexington this morning with an empty carrier. It is more likely that Don will leave with a borderline diabetic cat that will need just a diet change and a short course of insulin to put her on the road to health. Thankfully, Don has insulin (although dated) and diabetic supplies at home because the care package that was to be delivered to him yesterday is sitting in a USPS sorting facility 2.5 hours away.

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