Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tornado in CA

In early September 2010, a young woman posted on the FDMB wanting to rehome her newly diagnosed diabetic cat Tornado because of financial issues. Tornado is 12YO, and has been with the family since he was a kitten. I spoke with the woman and offered help with hometesting and syringes. Because Tornado is on ProZinc and DCIN does not have a reliable supply of that insulin, I could not offer help with insulin. I offered mentoring help, which appeared necessary because the cat is on dry food (part of the diabetes problem) and is being taken to the vet for curve (part of the financial problem).

During our conversation, it appeared that Tornado may have other health issues because he has chronic diarrhea, and sometimes eliminates outside of the litter box. He also has neuropathy, which didn't jive with her earlier comment to me that during Tornado's last vet visit he had a "close-to-normal curve." DCIN's help was turned down. I was told that the young woman consulted with her financial helpers (her parents), with whom she lives while unemployed and considering whether to return to college for a graduate degree in an yet-to-be-determined field next year. They had decided that because I could not also help with insulin and vetting, that they would continue to look for a local home for Tornado, and take whatever steps were needed when they ran out of the current vial of ProZinc. SIGH. There are some things I think that I just won't write.

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