Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tigger in North Central PA; Fuzzy is GA

TIGGER now has his furever home FUZZY, Fly free dear girl Update 10/6/10--From the rescue person:
Great news - yes - he's been adopted and is doing very well. His diabetes is totally being managed through diet. Thank you so much for all you do to help diabetic cats, and thank you for posting my sweet guy.
*********************************************************** Update 6/8/10--I found out that Fuzzy is GA, euthanized last week for liver failure. Fly free, dear Fuzzy. Your family may have left you in your final days, but you grabbed so many new hearts. The rescue person told me:
Tigger, though, is doing very well - in his new foster (probably LONG-term foster) home. His foster 'dad' will keep him indefinitely, even though he says he's 'fostering.' However the gentleman is 90! Luckily he comes from a family known for its longevity - he has a brother who is 99 and a sister who's 96. And since Tigger will be 13 in November, we're hoping that the timing will work out for them. But if a permanent home comes up - who knows.
DCIN is keeping Tigger on its list as a courtesy post as long as the rescue he is with has him on Adopt-A-Pet. *********************************************************** Update 4/26/10--An email from the rescue:
Good news/bad news. Good news: I think i may have already told you that Tigger's BG level was checked again last week. It was 86 - which is where it has been during his 4 weeks of canned-only food. Bad news: They are losing their foster home. The foster mom's home owner assoc. found out about them and has given her 2 weeks to make other arrangements for them. So - they are now on the DESPERATE list, and any additional help you could provide would be appreciated - especially updating their blog indicating that a permanent home is needed ASAP. Their original owners will take them back temporarily, but i cringe at that thought, as you might imagine. I seriously doubt if Tigger will get the care he needs, even though it's minimal - just a regular feeding schedule, so I'm not going that route except as an absolute LAST resort.
****************************************************************** Update 4/17/2010--Tigger and Fuzzy are highly bonded littermates in rescue with Kats by Keithan. The rescue says:
I would just like to stress that they are wonderful, loving, affectionate cats that love attention and don’t deserve what’s happened to them. They don’t ask/require much—just some TLC. I TRULY believe that they need to be adopted as a pair, for Fuzzy’s survival. If this is impossible, then I will allow them to be separated, and then do the best that I can for Fuzzy. The cats are still together, in a foster home, and I strongly believe that they MUST remain together. Tigger would probably be able to adapt to a new home without Fuzzy, but Fuzzy would NEVER be able to survive (literally) without Tigger.
I don’t know about you, but for me there comes a time that I feel my cats are finally “broken in” and totally understand the rhythms of the house and my moods and nonverbal clues. From reading what I have about Tigger and Fuzzy, I feel they are at that point in their lives. Cool, laid back, loving adult cats. They are 12YO bonded littermates being fostered in Milton PA. Tigger is a diabetic, altered male gray tiger. Fuzzy is not diabetic, and she is an altered tortoiseshell. They are indoor cats, front declawed, of average build, and weighing about 10 pounds each. Tigger is currently diet controlled (based on occasional blood glucose tests at the vet) and eats only canned food. His appetite is excellent. Fuzzy prefers dry food, although the rescue is working to convert her to wet food. Her appetite is improving, and although she is not eating a lot, she is eating regularly. The transition to the foster home was very difficult for her. Fuzzy is extremely friendly, and happy to greet you when she sees you. She loves to be petted and purrs happily. So far, she has not been interested in being held, but she likes to be close on her own terms, like sitting next to you, and rubbing against you. This may change as she grows close to a new owner. She likes to sleep where she feels safe—up off the floor in a place where she can have privacy. Right now she is sleeping on a table near a pile of clean clothes, and enjoys being petted there. Tigger is even more friendly than Fuzzy, is comfortable being held, and likes to sit on your lap. He is a bit more brave and easygoing than his sister. He will constantly purr and rub on you if you are in the room with him. He often sleeps sprawled out on the floor, and almost never hides. Both Tigger and Fuzzy are very easy to deal with and handle, including at the vet’s office. Both cats would prefer a quiet stable home. Although they seem to be fine around other cats, they are nervous around dogs, and we suspect they also would be nervous around children. Tigger was diagnosed diabetic after coming into the rescue based on classic clinical symptoms—excessive thirst and frequent urination. He has never been diabetic ketoacidotic or hypoglycemic. He is not accustomed to hometesting of blood sugar. All testing has been done at the vet’s office. There are no other known health or behavior problems. Both cats are up-to-date with rabies and distemper shots. Fuzzy recently tested FIV/FeLV negative. Fuzzy and Tigger have always been together, and never outdoors, so Tigger was not tested. Vet records, although possibly incomplete, are available. The rescue could arrange for a potential adopter to speak with the cats’ current vet. At present, the cats are not at risk of euthanasia. But, the rescue is unable to keep them, so a permanent home is absolutely necessary as quickly as possible. If one does not become available in a reasonable length of time, the rescue will have to pursue other options, such as a no-kill rescue facility. ******************************************************************************* Initial post, 4/14/10--More details coming soon. 12 YO Tigger (male, 1st photo) is diabetic; 12 YO Fuzzy (female, 2nd photo) is Tigger's bonded littermate. Would like to place them together. The parents no longer wanted them (kids had grown and moved out), so they were scheduled to go into the local high kill shelter when they were rescued by Kats by Keithan. With post-rescue vetting, Tigger was found to be diabetic. Adopt-A-Pet links for Tigger and Fuzzy. They currently are in a foster home.

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