Sunday, April 25, 2010

Casey in Malvern PA -- High Dose Cat

Update 5/16/10--Casey is at peace. I heard from Diana--
We had to put Casey down on Friday. He was very sick. He stopped eating and could barely walk. The vet said he had so many things wrong with him, most importantly that the mass in his pancreas had gotten larger since his ultrasound in March . He seemed so sad and just hid in the kitchen. It broke my heart but I know we made the right decision. He was a great cat ...I wish you could have met him. I can't talk now. I'm too upset.
Fly free and land softly Casey. (((((Diana))))) You gave Casey the greatest gift--of freedom and wholeness--even though it broke your heart to do so. May you in time smile at your memories of your dear boy. ********************************************************* Initial post 4/25/10--Maine Coon Rescue, which helped DCIN locate Eeyore, sent Casey our way. His owner was looking to rehome him. This is the info I received.
Date of Birth: 20 Feb 2000 Diabetic - take insulin injections (Lantus) 18 units twice daily and is on special diet - Purina DM (dry) Hill wd (wet) Cushings Disease Casey originally belonged to my mother but she could no longer take care of him due to being elderly (85) with a severe heart condition. I took him in last year but lost my job 9 months ago
I called the owner, Diana, and we chatted, and she said she would keep Casey if she could get financial help. Because I have no personal experience with Cushings or other high dose conditions, I invited Diana onto the High Dose forum of the Feline Diabetes Message Board. She showed up there immediately. This is the thread on the FDMB High Dose forum that I started and Diana joined to talk about Casey's condition and next steps. Casey has tested positive on one of the Cushings tests, but not the other (and both are unreliable). The folks on the High Dose forum suggested that Casey have the Acromegaly and Insulin Auto Antibodies (IAA) tests from Michigan State University. Diana has made arrangements with her vet for the tests for to be run, and DCIN has received donations and pledges of $175 for these tests. Casey is courtesy posted on PetFinder by MCR, but hopefully we will be able to help so that Casey can stay with Diana.

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