Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jack in Atlanta GA

Update 1/31/10--I followed up with Krissy asking whether Jack got a home and she said:
Yes! He is happy in a new home and doing well!
**************************************************** Update 1/6/10-- I just spoke to Krissy. What an energetic person. She believes they have found Jack a home with a "lovely person," one other cat and two cat-loving dogs. The mamabean is into holistic medicine. Krissy will email me when the adoption is a "done-deal." Also, it appears Jack is not diabetic. The insulin was making him sick so they took him off and he's much better. They are supposing that a UTI he had, and the AB he was on, shot his BG numbers up, and so he was never really diabetic. SIGH. ***************************************************************** Contact Krissy: a phone number was given, but I am not including it here. I can provide it by PM on the FDMB or by email) or krissy.venneman AT sembler DOT com Subject: Atlanta, GA - SWEET senior purebred Turkish Angora Date: Friday, January 1, 2010, 9:18 PM This is a dear, sweet kitty. He would need a loving, committed retirement home. He's had a bad run of luck since his mama died (and poop on the new wife!). If anyone may be able to help this baby and has experience with a diabetic cat needing insulin..that'd be a plus! Please contact Krissy if you have any questions about sweet Jack or may be able to help. Thanks so much
From a forwarded email: I'm trying to help a friend home a cat...He rescued this cat from a relative. The cat belonged to the wife who passed away, and when the husband got remarried neither he or the new wife did much with the cat except feed it and relinquish it to the basement. The cat is 11 years old and is an all white purebred Turkish Angora with papers. His name is Jack. My friend took him to the vet and he had a urinary tract infection and due to matting, they shaved him and gave him flea treatment. Unfortunately, they also discovered he is diabetic and needs two shots a day, and my friend cannot afford this - he has two cats already. He plans to have him put to sleep unless there is someone who can take on the medical issues and give him a loving home for his remaining years. He is very sweet and affectionate, and is declawed in front and back. My friend bought the first months worth of medicine, and paid the vet bills, and is currently giving him the diabetes shots. If anyone might be able to give this poor kitty a home, PLEASE contact me (same Krissy contact as above). Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Celia Houck said...

oh I hope Jack can find a forever home soon!! He is so precious!