Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fly free Dr. Fuzzles

Fly Free, Dr. Fuzzles
July 10, 2013--We learned that Dr. Fuzzles was euthanized because of "a diabetic coma." Fly free, dear boy.


May 25, 2013--This sad little man is a courtesy post for a diabetic-friendly shelter group in Independence, MO.

Dr. Fuzzles is a white and orange Persian, listed in the shelter records as a stray. He is a neutered male weighing 8 pounds and estimated to be 10 years old.

Dr. Fuzzles was a rough shape when he was brought into the shelter in early May. He had conjunctivitis, nasal and ocular discharge, blue tinged skin around both eyes, audible upper respiratory congestion, and a mildly distended abdomen. The shelter began treating him for those symptoms. He tested FIV/FeLV negative. After a week at the shelter, the vet did bloodwork because The Doctor had been drinking a large amount of water. Yep, diabetes, with a blood glucose level of 364. The shelter has started him on Lantus insulin and a canned food diet. We are told he is doing well with his diabetes and is currently regulated. Dr. Fuzzles takes his insulin fine, he’s friendly, but he just seems lethargic, he’s sick with other things.

To inquire about Dr. Fuzzles, please contact Great Plains SPCA. The Doctor is in this group’s Independence MO facility. His ID number is A19793382.

Dr. Fuzzles is available for a long-distance adoption and the shelter or Cats of Independence Animal Shelter will provide a transporter in their local/regional area.

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