Sunday, February 17, 2013

Smokey at Animal Refuge League in Maine


February 17, 2013--Smokey is with the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland Maine. This is his page on the shelter's site. That page says:
My name is Smokey and I am quite the charmer. I am friendly, especially if I know and am comfortable with you, but can also be a little shy. Give me a toy, though, and I’ll probably come out of my shell. My former owner even said that if I had a career, I’d probably be a wrestler. Sometimes I was so active that the climber in me sprung out, which is why I’d probably benefit from a high perch or a cat tree, especially with a window seat. I’ve lived with two female cats before and we were the best of friends. We not only played together, but groomed and slept near each other. With proper time and patience, I have a feeling I would transition well into a household with other felines. I’ve never lived with dogs or children though, but it may be worth a shot, too!

8-year-old neutered male
purple private investigator

Being a purple private investigator means that Smokey is so shy he may hide for the first few weeks or months. Smokey is an insulin-dependent diabetic, currently on Lantus with a shot once/day because of shelter hours. ARL had gotten him off insulin after a month, but the stress of life in a shelter is really getting to him so he is back on Lantus again. He is eating wet food only. He available to be adopted by someone outside of Maine.

The adoption application is on the ARL web site. The contact to adopt Smokey is

Sarah Ashe
Feline Manager
Animal Refuge League
Westbrook, ME 04092
(207) 854-9771 EXT X 117

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