Sunday, February 17, 2013


October 15, 2013--Harlem at at an ER with symptoms of vomiting, inappetance, extreme thirst, ketones in his urine, lethargy, and recumbancy. The vets don't have a diagnosis yet, but I am thinking pancreatitis and possible DKA. The estimate for the first 24 hours after the rescue discount is $900. DCIN has paid for $700 of that. This was caught very early so hopefully 24 hours of supportive care is all that will be needed. Please help DCIN pay for this hospitalization. ~Venita


February 17, 2013--DCIN is helping Harlem's Mom with insulin and syringes. Poor Harlem is a young boy that was misdiagnosed with HyperThyroidism, and the meds for that did quite a number on his body, eventually sending him into Diabetic Ketoacidosis and a feeding tube.

Harlem has recovered now, but the multi-thousand dollar veterinary bill, Harlem's Mom needs the help that DCIN is giving her.

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