Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fly Free, Angel Moonie

February 14, 2012--With heavy hearts, Roni and Brad helped Moonie to the bridge this evening. We send our tears and prayers. Fly free, dearest Moonie, and land softly on your new angel wings. ~Venita


January 21, 2013--Moonie has been having trouble with constipation, requiring several visits to the vet for enemas. (Poor Moonie.) Roni also has had to buy some medications for Mooney.

Moonie's account with DCIN is now down to $200. DCIN is hoping that Moonie's friends might have it in their hearts and wallets to add to her chip-in. We thank you so much for your donations, well wishes, and prayers. ~Venita


November 13, 2012--Roni called yesterday with sad news. Moonie was presenting with "black" vomit and diarrhea. A trip to the vet for extensive diagnostics resulted in a tentative diagnosis of intestinal cancer--mast cell or lymphoma. Moonie got a full workup--exam, blood work, urinalysis, sedation, ultrasound, fine needle aspiration, and histology. That workup cost $1,144. We are renewing our requests for donations for Moonie's care. (I posted this information on FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group before I posted it here or on DCIN's Facebook page. Roni and Moonie's friends from "Lantus Land" have certainly stepped up to the plate with an additional $700 in donation.)

November 8, 2012--I just spoke to Moonie's Mom Roni. She is speechless with gratitude that her friends from the FDMB Lantus group and others in the DCIN community have donated $800 for Moonie. Moonie needs some food, so that will be the first order of business with your generous contributions. Moonie also is now overdue to have her blood retested for HyperT, so that is Moonie Job #2. There is no need for more donations for Moonie at this time, but I am leaving the chip-in open because some may want to donate.


November 7, 2012--Again, another of our own needs our help. Roni (an old-timer on the FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group), her husband Brad, and her 16 year old diabetic, HyperT kitty were displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Their home on one of the barrier islands of Long Island was destroyed. They lost virtually everything. They are currently staying in a hotel room in a town on the north side of the Island. They hope to move into an apartment sometime next week. DCIN has offered to provide insulin and testing and other diabetic supplies for Moonie for six months or longer if needed. Our first "care" package went out today. We also would like to collect some funds for Moonie's HyperT medication and any other needs she may have. This is the chip-in for Moonie. Please help if you can.


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