Monday, November 5, 2012

Duriel Must Remain a Toronto-Area Cat

October 11, 2013--HART of Maine, an awesome shelter with a diabetic kitty room, offered an open slot to Duriel. But Duriel's foster Dad and other local folks who have been supporting her care declined the opportunity, wanting Duriel to stay local to the Toronto area. DCIN has taken Duriel off its adoptables list because of that restriction and we hope to see Duriel's supporters posting her for a new home in the Toronto area. ~Venita


September 26, 2013--DCIN was informed that Duriel was (temporarily) not well. One day this week she appeared to be constipated and was vomiting. Her care giver expressed her anal glands (which seemed to help) and by mid afternoon she passed some poop but was still vomiting. Her BG went down to 37. She was monitored closely and didn't appear to have any hypo symptoms.

Because her care giver thought it might be something more serious, it was suggested Duriel go to the vet. However, her caregiver said that was not an option. If she didn't stabilize he "will have to go emergency surrender her at the Humane Society". A diabetic cat in distress will not be cared for in a shelter and will likely be euthanized immediately. Duriel needs to find a home immediately that can properly care for her. She is currently in Toronto but can be moved anywhere in Canada or the US.


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July 14, 2013--Ms. Duriel needs a dental procedure. She has some molars in very bad shape that need to be extracted. Please donate if you can through this YouCaring Fundraiser.


March 5, 2013--Duriel continues to improve and is better regulated on her insulin now. 

She is a very loving girl with gorgeous eyes.  Duriel is just waiting to come and be a part of your family.  She promises to pay you with endless purrs and kitty kisses.  Please give this girl a chance with your heart.  Email for more information ~Céline


January 01, 2013--This is Duriel, a gorgeous red tabby girl that is between 9-12 years old. She is declawed and spayed.  FeLV/FIV negative and all vaccines are up to date.

When her rescuer Jorge found her in his feral colony she was under 5 pounds. You can see in the picture below just how skinny she was.  Love, food, and insulin have helped her put on 3 pounds!

Duriel is very loving towards people and loves to sleep at your feet at night!  She gets along very well with children and other cats. 

She is currently on a small dose of Lantus twice a day and is eating an appropriate diet of low carb wet food only.

Duriel is a very sweet and special girl.  She has a very kind and loving way about her.  While her rescuer would love to keep her his own home is already full with animals and runs his own ongoing trap, neuter and return project for feral cats at his own cost.  He also feeds/manages a local feral colony.

Jorge did the right thing by saving this girl when he could have turned a blind eye.  He took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with diabetes, he helped her in her recovery, and now she is ready to go to a forever home. Please open your heart to this little girl. You can email with any questions. ~Céline


November 30, 2012--DCIN would still like to get a little buffer into Duriel's DCIN account. We are placing the remaining $255 that we would like to raise for Duriel into our year-end fundraising effort. (ChipIn widget removed.)


Nov 10/12~Duriel is in need of a new home.  Unfortunately the home she is in right now is just too full.  Her foster dad does a lot of rescue and works with many ferals as well as has his own furfamily.  Duriel needs to be moved into a home of her own. 

There is something so special about this little girl.  I can see it in her eyes.  Do you have room for her in your heart and home?  Please email for more information ~Céline


Nov 05/12~ Meet Duriel...isn't she a sweetie!  She sure is lucky that a gurdian angel was looking out for her.  Her angel's name is Jorge.  Duriel was found among Jorge's feral colony.  She was a very skinny, sweet girl and he has been taking care of her since. Since receiving proper care Duriel has already gained 1 pound! 

She is now on a proper low carb wet food only diet and is receiving Lantus insulin twice a day. 

Jorge has a big heart and wants to keep Duriel but as you know those big hearts come with extra kitties.  This means he needs help to take care of Duriel.  DCIN was contacted and we have sent out hometesting supplies and will arrange to ensure that Duriel always has a supply of syringes and insulin

Please welcome Duriel and Jorge to DCIN.  ~Céline


Unknown said...

That is exciting news - so happy Jorge will keep her

Venita said...

Eva, Jorge has asked DCIN to list Duriel for rehoming, which we will be doing soon.