Sunday, November 18, 2012


November 18, 2012--Nnotified by owner that Bageera passed away last night.

August 19, 2012--Emailed owner to see how Bageera was doing. She has only been able to test him once and relies on the vet visits to monitor his diabetes. He is still peeing out of the litter box and she is considering re-homing as an option. He is no longer eating wet food, he likes dry so that's what they are feeding him.

June 3, 2012--Home visit was done. Bageera is a big cat, looks like he has hock feet. I mentioned that to owner she was not interested in looking into his feet.  Home testing was demonstrated but owner is very worried she will not be able to test. I advised to get him eating only wet food but owner said other cat in the house likes dry so she will keep grain free, high protein dry food out as well. BG's have been in the 400's.

May 28, 2012---Bageera's owner contacted me regarding his being diagnosed with diabetes. She just "adopted" him a few months ago after a friend of a friend found him wondering the streets. Being the animal lover she is, her friend new to call her. He is on Humulin N, 2units BID. He is not using the litter box consistently and is becoming difficult to care for. I arranged time for a home visit and to demonstrate how to home test.

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