Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome home, Melody

October 13, 2013--Melody is being adopted by a IAA-experienced person in Minnesota. DCIN is helping to coordinate the transport, and has raised funds for it. Melody will be getting a dental before she goes to her new home. Presently, Melody is scheduled to travel on October 22. ~Venita


April 20, 2013--Melody has tested positive for Insulin AutoAntibodies (IAA), negative for Acromegaly. The IAA diagnosis explains why her diabetes has proven very difficult to regulate. The shelter, which has a dedicated diabetic cat room, has tried two different insulins (Lantus and ProZinc) and is going to soon try Humulin N as a last resort. (I have told them about Levemir as another possible choice.)

What Melody needs is an FD-experienced or -interested home that is willing to give her the extra attention that breaking insulin resistance requires. A home also would reduce her stress, which could reduce her diabetic numbers. "She really is a sweet cat and in a home setting, will even purr! She does NOT purr at the shelter."

The foster home should be reasonably close to HART's Cumberland ME location so that Melody can continue to work with HART's vet. If you are able to help, contact and I will put you in touch with the right person. ~Venita


2/13/13--Melody playing with two of her diabetic kitty friends in the diabetic room at HART of ME.


October 24, 2012:  This beautiful young lady is a courtesy post for a diabetic friendly shelter group in Cumberland, Maine.

Miss Melody is a very laid back, pretty girl. She is about 4 years old and has lovely, long, grey fur. She loves to be held and brushed. Melody is a true lap cat.

Melody has not become close friends with any of the other diabetic kitties, but she doesn't mind them either. She is not an alpha cat by any means and would be a good match for most households. Melody is a quiet girl and usually doesn't say much unless it's mealtime! Even then, she has a soft little meow.

We have not been able to get Miss Melody to purr (and not from lack of trying), but she may be holding out to purr in her forever home! She is currently on 4.5 units of Lantus insulin BID and is on a diet of Classic Style Fancy Feast and Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dry. Ideally, in a less stressful environment, her insulin dosage may decrease, along with a canned food only diet.

At the shelter, all of the kitties have access to dry due to Angus and Tam's preference for dry food. However, in a home, with one on one attention to her eating habits, Melody can probably be easily converted to a canned food only diet. Melody is used to home-testing and is very easy to test. She also accepts her insulin injections with no complaints or fuss.

Melody was difficult to regulate at first and the initial insulin that she was on, Prozinc, wasn't working well for her so she was switched to Lantus. She is acually on a lower dose of Lantus than Prozinc. Please contact the shelter with any questions you may have about Melody, we'd love to hear from you! To contact HART, here is the link to our website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:

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