Sunday, September 23, 2012

NAFFLE! Lynn Turner Cat Bed

Most cats instantly claim
and adore Lynn's beds.
September 23, 2012--Hi, this is Mikey, the DCIN FUNdraising Spokescat. Auntie Lynn Turner has graciously offered to crochet a soft, cozy, custom cat bed for this Diabetic Cats in Need naffle. She will make the winner's kitty one of these very popular beds (I'm getting sleepy now; yawn!) in the style and color of your choice.

Get your kitties on your lap and take a look at Auntie Lynn's Etsy store, AngelCatbeds. She crochets so many awesome beds. She has pictures of satisfied customers in her beds on her Facebook Page.

Norman's Cat Bed
Auntie Lynn knows about diabetic cats. Her 17 year old Angel, the namesake of her Etsy store, is extra sweet. She is now naming her beds after some of the diabetic cats on DCIN's Kitties with Diabetes Store. The bed on the left is named after Auntie Venita's foster kitty Norman.

What is a Naffle? It's Not a Raffle; read this page. With a Naffle, you can enter to win the prize without donating. However, I am asking for donations, and for each donation of $5, you will get an additional chance at winning this giveaway. (3 for $13.)


Creme Brulee


This is a PayPal button so that you can donate to enter the Naffle. If you don't plan to donate but wish to enter this Naffle, send an email to Choose the number of donations you want to make before you hit the "pay now" button.

Donations for Diabetic Cats

On October 7, I will spin the random number generator to find out which person entering the Naffle gets the commissioned cat bed. Auntie Venita will put the winner in touch with Auntie Lynn to choose your bed, and she will create your cat's bed and ship it to you. Cool? Yessh it is!!  ~MIKEY!

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