Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zoey, Staying Happily at Home

January 22, 2013: DCIN is very pleased to announce that Zoey is no longer in need of rehoming! As her mom said, "I continue to be amazed at how much better she is on the wet food. Her fur is beautiful, she is happy and playful again. And is almost never peeing outside her litterbox." The best part is that she has been having lower numbers and a decrease in her dose. Yay for Zoey!! ~Lydia


June 7, 2012: Located in IL, this 8 year old Tabby Maine Coon is a front paw declawed kitty who is spayed and FIV/FeLV negative.  She likes to cuddle and will sleep on your pillow at night, but will need a little time to warm up to you.  She does very well with other non-dominant cats, but there is no history of her being with dogs.  She is good with kids, a wonderful family kitty.

Diagnosed in May 2010, she has no history of ketones.  Her family is going to start hometesting and switching her to canned food but they are unsure that they can continue to manage her diabetes.  She is currently on Lantus insulin, about 4-5units twice per day.

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Susan said...

I had bookmarked the original post on Facebook, and then decided to check back at Zoey's original page. I am thrilled that she does not need to be rehomed and that her Mom is so happy with her progress. How amazing and wonderful! She reminded me of one of my kitties, my angel Sasha. I'm very happy to know that she is doing lots better, and hugs sent to Zoey!

Venita said...

Susan, the DCIN team is tickled pink that Zoey is staying at home. Keeping the extra-sweet at home is our Job #1.