Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ania Milo Naffle

June 6, 2012--This is MIKEY!, DCIN's FUNraising Spokescat with a most exciting art naffle for my friends, and friends of friends, and on down the line.

To the left is a photo of Ania Milo, a fabulous artist, next to a poster she painted and that another artist bought. Auntie Venita refers to Ania as an emotional artist. Ania paints what she feels. (Isn't Ania pretty? I bet she gives great belly kisses.)

Ania sometimes paints animal portraits. She painted a portrait of Alex Olivia from a photograph. You can see the photo and painting below.

Ania has been so generous to offer me a commissioned work to naffle for DCIN. What is a naffle? Read this page. With a naffle, you can enter to win the prize without making a donation. However, I am asking for donations, and for each donation of $10, you will get an additional chance at winning this giveaway. (3 for $25.)

This is a PayPal button so that you can donate to enter this naffle. If you don't plan to donate but wish to enter this giveaway, send an email to

Donations for Diabetic Cats

On June 21, I will spin the random number generator to find out which person entering the naffle gets the commissioned pet portrait. Auntie Venita will put you in touch with Ania, you will send Ania one or more photos of your pet, and Ania will paint a picture of your pet and ship it to you. Cool? Yessh it is!!

Why would Ania do this for DCIN? She loves animals, and she appreciates folks who rescue cats. We learned about Ania because she is a friend of Holly, newly adopted Alex Olivia and Donovan's former foster Mom. But Ania also wants you to see her art. We at DCIN do too!! Ania's Facebook page is here, her art's Facebook page is here, and her website is here. Go, look at her art, it is touching. And remember that Ania is a very, very nice purrson.

Should someone want to buy the original painting of Alex Olivia, Ania will be donating half to DCIN. Ania also is selling reproductions, including cards, of this painting of Alex Olivia. See this page.

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This great Mikey!!! Thanx for all the kind things you I said about me!!!