Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welcome Home, Piper

July 2, 2012--Piper's foster Mom has adopted her. Welcome home, Piper!!


I love watching birds.

June 26, 2012--DCIN is preparing to move Piper to another foster home. If Piper could fly like a crow, this would be a 1400 mile trip.

If someone is interested in adopting this gorgeous Maine Coon mix sooner rather than later, and save her the stress of yet another transport, please contact JennF@dcin.info.


June 16, 2012--Piper is safely tucked away in DCIN foster care. The foster Mom has started Piper on Levemir insulin and Methyl B12 for neuropathy, and had to work on mats in her fur.

We have listed Piper as a 911 because we have another diabetic cat, possibly FIV+, that we want to place into that home. To do that, we need to find another spot for Piper. Although we may possibly have another foster home for her, we would like to find her a furever home to minimize the number of transports for Miss Piper. If you are considering adopting Piper, please contact JennF@dcin.info.

A friend at Maine Coon Rescue tells us that Piper is a Maine Coon mix. This is the relevant portion of her email, slightly reworded for context.

Piper is definitely a MC mix. The first ID is ears...tall, close set. Next are eyes; eyes are almond shaped rather than rounded. Next is feet...they are big, with tufts and are a rounded shape. Long fur is especially noticeable around the ruff and it graduates medium to long on the body with LONG fur on a LONG tail...fur lays flat rather than "fluffy". The tail is long...if you reach it upwards towards the cat's head, it should reach her shoulder blades. Personality is very mellow, LOVES humans (dog-like, wanting to be near humans).

These are the attributes of purebreds (PBs) so mixes have some physical attributes and probably not all.  See here: http://www.mainecoonrescue.net/identify.html This page is best so you can see the REAL DEAL to then ID even mixes. http://cfa.org/client/breedMaineCoon.aspx


June 7, 2012:   Sweet Piper is not feeling well today so she's heading to a DCIN foster home immediately.  We hope to have her settled in and on insulin tonight.


June 5, 2012: Located in St. Louis, MO, at just 10 years old this stunning beauty needs a new home.   She may be put down mid-June if a home can't be found.

Diagnosed June 2012, her family desperately needs someone who can take her, they travel too much to be able to give her insulin. Currently on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection and being changed over to wet food, she is not receiving insulin. She is a very sweet and calm young lady.

She is a big cat, described as a gentle giant.

She is FIV/FeLV negative.  Contact Jennifer@dcin.info.
Piper--a shoebox sized cat.

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