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Fly Free Tidus

July 14, 2013 -- Tidus broke so many hearts today when his foster Mom JennF helped him to leave this plane of existence for the vastness. Over the 13 months Tidus has been in DCIN care...from the very first day...he has been a sick boy needing extra-special care. Today, his congenital heart defect sent him into congestive heart failure. Sadly, we let Tidus go. Among the other medical conditions Tidus had were Acromegaly, Insulin AutoAntibodies, Pancreatitis, and Gastrointestinal disease. His care has been a challenge for his foster folks, JennF and Marc, but they have done nothing but love and care for him and their hearts are shattered. We offer them huge hugs for their loss, and we wish a gentle crossing to our very dear Tidus. ~Venita


I had to go to the vetty-bean again the day after
Christmas cause I couldn't poop. I got fluids
and enemas and I think everything is moving
better now. That cost isn't in my chip-in.
November 30, 2012--DCIN still owes $2,850 on Tidus's hospitalization for pancreatitis and his cardiology consult. We are wrapping those amounts into a single chip-in that we hope to fully fund by year-end.

(Chip-in removed.)

November 21, 2012--Tidus had a consult with a veterinary cardiologist today. He has congenital malformations of his aortic and mitral heart valves. The valves are leaking and not opening properly. There is no heart muscle damage; it is not HCM. Tidus is being put on Enalapril and baby aspirin. The cardiologist says the risk is chronic heart failure and sudden death from a blood clot. There is no "cure" and the condition "doesn't go away." The vet could offer no prognosis as this is a rare condition in cats and not "studied." When he is in heart falure, Tidus will present with not-at-all-subtle labored breathing.

DCIN will love and care for this dear as long as he will let us.


Tidus with his NG tube and cone of shame. Poor baby.
November 16, 2012--Tidus was discharged from the specialty hospital yesterday. His discharge diagnoses were Pancreatitis, primary gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, and heart murmur and cardiomegaly (enlarged heart). He has come home with a nasal-gastro feeding tube and is on Clinicare (for the feeding tube), famotidine (antacid/antinausea), and Metronidazole (antibiotic/anti-inflammatory). He is back on Lantus insulin, at 2U BID. This hospitalization cost more than $2800. Tidus's foster family is very happy to have him back home.


November 13, 2012 (late am update)--I spoke with Tidus's internal medicine (IM) vet. The initial DX is pancreatitis because the abdominal XRay showed an inflamed/enlarged pancreas. Tidus is on supportive care--IV fluids, pain meds (Bupe), anti-nausea meds (cerenia and famotidine), and ABx (Ampicillin).

The abdominal US and Tidus's medical history gives the vet concern for IBD/lymphoma (thickened stomach and intestinal walls and enlarged lymph nodes). Tidus is having a fine needle aspiration (FNA) of his stomach wall today. We will get the histology back within 24-48 hours.

The vet says there is no evidence of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). His BG level in his blood work was back down to 282. All other bloodwork was "good."

The chest X-Ray shows no lung tumor but it does show an enlarged heart--the left atrium. Tidus also has a heart murmur. There is no evidence of heart failure but they will be careful with the fluids. Also, Tidus cannot undergo anesthesia until he has a cardio consult (thus the FNA instead of a biopsy for possible IBD/lymphoma). Because Acrocats have enlarged hearts, I asked about Acro. The IM vet is not thinking Acro. He says that Tidus has none of the physical abnormalities of an Acrocat even though he is a big cat. The ER clinic's cardio vet is not in until next Wednesday. We have an appointment for Tidus with the cardio vet next week.

For now, Tidus is getting supportive care for P'titis, will have a FNA of his stomach tissue today, and will get a cardio evaluation next week. The estimate for his care (before the cardio) is about $3K. He will be able to come home to JennF when (1) his temperature is back to normal, (2) he is feeling better, and (3) he is eating well. JennF will be visiting Tidus to encourage him to eat. If Tidus does not eat on his own, he may get an NG tube put in tomorrow. (That tube can be placed without anesthesia.)

Tidus is being a very cooperative boy. Please send him the best vibes for a quick recovery.


November 13, 2012--Tidus is in the ER. He is lethargic, was vomiting last night, and has a fever of almost 106 degrees. He is on IV fluids until the internal medicine specialists get in, at which point he will get bloodwork, an abdominal ultrasound, and a chest X-Ray. Please help us pay for this care. The $1200 we already have paid will take care of Tidus's costs for 24 hours.


July 14, 2011--New photos of Tidus.


I have paws.

Foster/Adoption Application


June 23, 2012--I chatted with JennF yesterday about Tidus. She said "He's like a new cat." His GI tract hasn't had any recent upsets and he is on Lantus insulin. He has the full run of the hourse although he tends to prefer the bathroom, which is where he takes his meals with Mikey. He has put on about two pounds since he has been with Jenn and Marc.

DCIN is now ready to find Tidus a furever home. Should you have any interest in adopting Mr. Tidus, please email If we find Tidus a home, Jenn and Marc just might have an open spot to bring in another diabetic to foster.


June 18, 2012--JennF and Marc, Tidus's foster beans, have been doing a great job with Tidus. He's had a couple runs back to the vet, but nothing that required hospitalization or intensive treatment. Some more bloodwork diagnostics trying to figure out his problem. Tidus is now on Stella and Chewy's dehydrated raw food, sometimes mixed with Friskies and water. His diarrhea and vomiting have subsided, and in fact he is now moving into some constipation and getting Miralax in his food for that. He gets some SubQ fluids every few days. He will be on B12 shots as soon as it arrives.

Tidus is up to .75U Lantus BID, and staying in the 2 and 100s.

JennF is starting to wonder if this might be in some part a "will to live" thing. Tidus is such a loving boy, but he has been through hell being dumped in NYCACC. He's very attached to his Jenn and Marc, but is still hesitant about too much interaction with the cats. He spends most of his time hanging out in his "safe room"--the bathroom--even though the door is open.


June 5, 2012--There is something seriously wrong with Tidus that has us and the vet stumped. He crashed with vomiting and diarrhea within 18 hours of getting to his foster home, and then crashed the same way again after a day with the vet. We have been discussing possibilities with the vet--Triaditis, Pancreatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He's been treated with fluids (IV and SubQ, depending on whether at the vet or at home), ABx (Baytril and Amoxi), Reglan, and Pepcid.

We have an ultrasound (about $350) scheduled for Thursday (two days from now). Also, foster Mom JennF is walking in a fecal sample this morning to have it checked for Panleukopenia (distemper). This is an illness that DCIN just helped Atlas get through. (COMS post.)

Please help us pay for Tidus's care if you can. Prayers and best thought are always welcome. ~V~


Tidus with foster Dad Marc.Ultra friendly, approachable,
and absolutely handsome. 
Tidus the cat isn't so bad either.

June 2, 2012:  Sweet Tidus is with his foster family, but he will need a lot of care going forward. He will need daily SubQ fluids, prescription W/D wet food and some prescription meds. at least until his ultrasound that is scheduled for Thursday. At this point there is still no definitive diagnosis as to why he is having episodes of vomiting and diarrhea. Through it all he is still purring and is very affectionate.  


May 30, 2012--Tidus finally came to his foster home from the vet last night. He had some diarrhea and vomiting that prevented the move on Friday, and then holiday commitments and closures got in the way. But he is now in Jenn and Marc's bathroom, and eager to break out. Here is Jenn's post about him on the FDMB.
It was so funny to read her say:
He is going to be a handful to say the least! He is 10 years YOUNG where Mikey is 10 years OLD. Right now he is starving. I have him in the bathroom but he wants to get out so bad.
******************************************************************************************************* May 25, 2012--Tidus comes home from the vet this evening with foster Dad Marc. Foster Mom JennF, spokecat MIKEY!, and myriad other feline siblings will be there to (shhh!) quietly welcome him home. We will start Tidus on hometesting and Lantus insulin tomorrow. DCIN continues to hear amazing things about Tidus. Laid back...a vet clinic favorite...great teeth... We are keeping him as a 911 because it is very helpful for DCIN to keep this NYC area foster home open for emergencies. Remember--everything goes with black. Please contact if you are thinking about giving Tidus a home and heart. 

May 22, 2012--We need a close foster home or an adoptive home for Tidus. Please consider him and contact me at The rescue that is caring for Tidus tells us that the vet caring for him wrote "No ketones on urine dipstick. He looks like he's in excellent health and is super sweet." The vet is starting Tidus on ProZinc insulin. We now have Tidus's past NYCACC records. He was neutered at NYCACC as a 2.6 pound kitten in March 2002. (My, I bet he was cute!!) He also was microchipped then. It appears that Tidus may need a dental procedure. We are asking for the treating vet to evaluate his dental health. While at NYCACC, Tidus received rabies and distemper VAX and dewormer. The records show that Tidus was surrendered to the shelter because he was soiling the house--not using the litterbox. He was not being given insulin. His diet was partially DM canned food and partially Purina dry food. We are hoping for a better photo than Tidus's NYCACC "mug shot" soon. ~Venita 

May 21, 2012--DCIN received an email from a rescue that pulls animals from the New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCACC). Tidus, surrendered as a diabetic cat, was at risk of being destroyed by day's end. "Thank you for the notification, but Diabetic Cats in Need is not able to help Tidus. DCIN is not an NYCACC-approved rescue, and at this time it does not wish to be. Without appropriate infrastructure, we have found NYCACC rescues to be too difficult for our small, specialty rescue." The rescue's director didn't let me get away with that cryptic comment. Next came a phone call. If the Empty Cages Collective (ECC) were to pull Tidus and have him vetted and stablize him at a veterinarian for a week or two, would DCIN accept him for fostering or adoption? Jennifer and I talked and came up with requirements--FIV/FeLV negative, low-carb wet food, Lantus insulin, urinary ketone check, and IV fluid therapy if needed. ECC said yes.

Tidus tested FIV/FeLV negative and was pulled from NYCACC yesterday or will be pulled today. We need to find him a nearby foster home or an adoptive home in the continental US or the populated parts of Canada ASAP. If you can help, please email me at

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