Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanks for the Technology

May 22, 2012--

(or something along these lines)

ME: Jenn, FedEx just hauled a package into my living room. I opened the card before I let the fellow into the house because I thought it must be a mistake. [Friend] sent me a printer.

JENN: {Giggles}

ME: You knew about this? I have a fairly new printer.

JENN: But you need a scanner and fax machine.

ME: Is this a three-in-one machine?

JENN: That's what I understand. And this printer is supposed to be really inexpensive on ink.

ME: Awesome. I could feed papers to be scanned without lifting the lid and and changing pages constantly? I don't need to live with pages to be scanned on the floor? And I don't need to apologize to vets for having a cranky fax machine?

JENN: That's what I understand.

ME: Why?

JENN: She wanted to get you something. She knew you were looking for a laptop.

ME: Yes, but we got that the same day we were looking. This is amazing. Do you need a printer?

JENN: {Giggles}

ME: Who is Morgan? {Reading the front and inside of the card to Jenn.}

JENN: That is a beautiful message. Although Morgan wasn't diabetic, [Friend] wants to honor him. She will be sending us his story to post to memorialize him.

ME: We will do that.

[Friend], it is like you walked into my office and saw the mess on the floor and heard my apologies to the vets for a sick FAX machine. Those have been major impediments, but I haven't had the time or money to shop technology.

You are one of DCIN's most amazing friends. You have SO reduced our burden for the diabetic cats.

Humbly....thank you.


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