Thursday, March 15, 2012

Azrael - Fly Free

April 10, 2012:   Sadly Azrael got very sick over the weekend and became progressively worse since.  He was in pain, especially when touched around his lower half.  The vet and his people tried to help him but in the end they gave him his freedom from the pain.

Fly free sweet Azrael.

March 15, 2012--Located in Denton, TX. Azrael will not be able to stay with his owner much longer. He was diagnosed with FD in January 2012. He weighs in at a slim 9lbs. This all black beauty is "a very loving and sweet cat, loves being in people's laps. He loves sleeping with people too", he's a snuggle bunny! He seems to be alright with children but would prefer a home without other kitties.

Currently his diabetes is not being treated. His owner is willing to start treating Azrael but will not be able to maintain the life style change for long. DCIN has sent testing supplies for Azrael. Contact if you can help this little man.

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