Friday, March 16, 2012

Tablet Computer

March 16, 2012--Hiya, hiya, hiya!! This is Ennis, the DCIN Fundraising Spokescat!! Now that the Ides of March are past, I feel comfortable giving away a donated tablet computer. There is no need to jinx a computer.

16 GB Toshiba Thrive
This tablet is AWEEESOOOME!! It is a Toshiba Thrive™10" tablet with 16 GB. It comes with an AC adaptor and USB cable, and a soft carrying case with handles.

All the detailed specifications are on the page I linked above. As an overview:
  • The tablet is a Toshiba portable PC that comes loaded with Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) operating system to help optimize performance. 
  • This Toshiba tablet is a portable entertainment hub, letting you enjoy your favorite music and videos on the move. The integrated Resolution+ video enhancement technology of the Toshiba portable PC lets you enjoy crisp and sharp HD-quality visuals on its screen. 
  • With the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor of the Thrive AT105-T1016, computing is efficient and quick. 
  • The two onboard cameras (2 MegaPixel front and 5 MP rear) of the Toshiba tablet let you videoconference as well as capture great stills and videos.
This tablet is a refurbished unit, but it works beautifully and looks brand new. A big bonus is the camera - the previous iPad had less than 1 Megapixil and this tablet has 5 MP.

If you have further technical specification questions, I can put you in touch with the donor. I'm just a cat, and pretty computer stupid.

The fair market value of this tablet is $350 to $400. The donor will ship this tablet without shipping cost to you.

This IS NOT a raffle or lottery. You need not give a single cent to DCIN to enter the give-away for this tablet computer. However, DCIN is hoping that you will donate to its general fund in conjunction with this give-away. We suggest that DCIN's friends contribute to support one diabetic cat for $10, two diabetic cats for $20, or three diabetic cats for $25. All proceeds will go to DCIN's general fund.

You can donate for as many cats as you want. (That's my way of saying you should donate a lot.)

If you want to enter this give-away without donating for any cats, you can do so by sending my Mom an email with your name. The address is Just put "Tablet Computer Give-away" in the subject line. Do that, and she will enter you in this give-away.

Below is a PayPal button to donate for one to three cats and to simultaneously give my Mom contact info about you for this tablet computer give-away. You also can write Mom at her email address and she will give you an address for a check or money order to donate for the cats.

Donations for Diabetic Cats

If you happen to send Mom a note through PayPal, please do not use the words lottery or raffle. Using those words is simply going to annoy PayPal and maybe "lock-up" DCIN's PayPal account. This give-away is neither. This give-away is our way of attracting interest in the work of DCIN and donations for that work. If you have questions, email Mom at Tell her I sent you.

I will be picking the person who receives this tablet computer using a random number generator. Strictly on the up-and-up. So even my Mom can enter.

History note: An earlier give-away started out as a raffle in which we offered chances. However, having a raffle violated PayPal's terms of use and put locks on DCIN's PayPal account for some time. Therefore, we now know to do give-aways. However, we ask that those entering for this tablet computer make a donation for one or more DCIN cats. We need the funds. Thank you very much.


Maine Kitties said...

I'm a little confused by when the raffle starts?! Does it begin or end on March 16th?

Venita said...

Maine Kitties. This raffle will start on March 16. You must be a subscriber. We usually keep these plan-ahead pages for fundraisers quiet until it is the start date.

Maine Kitties said...

Thanks for the info!! :)