Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amazon Associate Program

DCIN is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program for (in the US), (in the UK), and (in Canada).

If you click one of the links below, you will go to Amazon through DCIN's participation in the Associates Program. You can shop for anything on those links and benefit DCIN, as long as you don't already have the item in your shopping cart. (There are other rules, but that is the most important.) in the US-- Shop at (US) (in the UK)--Shop at (UK) (in Canada)--Shop at (Canada)

1 comment:

Purple Tiger said...

I order alot from Amazon and I want your program to benefit from my shopping. I usually use the Amazon from my cell phone. I have an android cell and I went to your page and clicked on the address to amazon, opened it, signed in, then added that link to my homescreen. I hope this will work so it stays locked into your program link. Is there a way in my amazon account that I can check to make sure when I order that you are benefiting from my amazon shopping??