Sunday, January 1, 2012

Other Cats Helped in 2012

Baby and Seymore live in the upper Midwest with their Mom Darcy. DCIN is helping with testing supplies. Sadly, Baby passed from an asthmatic condition on May 7, 2012.

Benny owns his Mom Leanne. DCIN is temporarily helping with diabetic supplies. Leanne and Benny are on DCH.

Caspar was in a Georgia shelter. DCIN sent testing equipment to help determine whether he is diabetic. Within a day after hearing about Caspar, the woman who told us about him had planned to take him home.

Charlie is at home with his Mom Anna. DCIN is helping with minimal vetting costs, insulin, syringes, and testing equipment. Anna and Charlie are on the FDMB.

Den owns his Dad George. DCIN is helping with insulin and urine testing supplies. George has found he cannot blood test Den.

Louie lives with his mom Sara in TX. He was very unwell, his Mom suspected DKA, and DCIN helped to have him vetted. Thankfully it was only an infection, and he received antibiotic therapy.

Maximilian is at home with his Mom. DCIN has helped with insulin and testing supplies. (We threw in a catnip pad too!!)

Sasha owns his Mom Tara. He has been troubled with multiple DKA events this year, and DCIN is helping with testing supplies.

Sebastian is his Mom's baby boy. DCIN helped Mom Stephanie with insulin and testing supplies, and Sab went quickly off insulin. DCIN also helped to pay for bloodwork late in the year when Sab became inappetant. Stephanie lost her darling Sab on May 18, 2013, to intestinal disease.

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