Friday, October 21, 2011

Phoebe Pulled Her Feeding Tube

Phoebe sporting her pretty Kitty Kollar over her tube.

December 3, 2011--I called Dixie to check up on Phoebe. Phoebe pulled her own feeding tube the night before Thanksgiving, and although Dixie and her DH rushed Phoebe to the ER vet, they decided not to reinsert the tube. Phoebe started eating on her own, and is still eating like a champ!!


October 22, 2011--

Dixie's update about Phoebe last night on FDMB.
Thank you, thank you to all who've offered their support, suggestions and prayers for Phoebe! She really turned the corner last night (and after the vet talking about likely euthanasia yesterday) - I'm so darn grateful - it doesn't feel like I even know the right words to express how much I appreciate all your support!

The feeding tube suggestion, followed by DCIN's generous assistance, are truly making the difference for Phoebe. Yesterday, she was so limp they didn't think she'd make it thru the night. I am SURE all the prayers were heard, as my baby started stirring about 3 am, and from there on, I could see her desire to live! In fact, the vet remarked she looked like a totally different kitty today! Those prayers work wonders! Thank you so much!

After surgery today, she looks like she has a little antenna coming out of her neck, but we are able to get enough food in her tummy! It's the first time since Sunday, I felt SURE she'd pull thru this. Big giant hugs and may God rain blessings on you and your precious babies!!

October 21, 2011--This is a post on FDMB from Dixie about her cat Phoebe. Phoebe was in an ER for a few days with DKA.

Phoebe now is not eating, and DCIN needs to raise $320 for the $300 it pledged for a feeding tube (E-tube) to be surgically put in. First, Phoebe needs some IV potassium supplementation. All this hopefully is being done today. We need to get this sweetie back to health.

Dixie, Phoebe's Mom says "I love that baby girl." Please help Dixie's baby girl if you can. Prayers count too!!

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