Monday, October 24, 2011

LA, CA: Two cats need a home, one is diabetic

November 9, 2011-Elliott, the diabetic cat that went into the shelter, is no longer listed on LA County Animal Control's website. ~Venita


November 4, 2011: Now in a shelter, these kitties need someone to rescue them. Original mom is very sad she had to give them up and is willing to pay the adoption fee for anyone who can take them.
Enlarged view of imageEnlarged view of image
You can view the cats here:

Only one is diabetic, Animal ID A4359524, but his mom he is very close to, Animal ID A4359522

If you can open your heart and home, please let us know. We will get you in touch with the previous owner who can tell you about them and help with the costs of rescue.

October 24, 2011: This is a courtesy post for these two sweet kitties, mom and son, they are very bonded and would do better if they could be adopted together.

From the owner: Sadly, I have to re-home my cats ---Please contact ... if you can help. Toby (10) and Elliott (9)

Elliott is diabetic but regulated on insulin and I will pay for his insulin -- very easy to give and he's a dream about it. (Toby on left, Elliott on the right)

Also Hula - a small white with spots -- sweet - 8 years old. Super loveable.

Elliot is orange and white, neutered and has lost weight since being diagnosed with diabetes. Mom says: " He is a lovely cat. Super smart. Super sweet and loving. He will talk to you - sweetly tell you when he wants something, even his insulin. The diabetes hasn't really gotten him down. Caught it fast and got him on the insulin He will usually come when called. He is fine at the vet -- likes to have you close but curious." He gets along with cats, dogs and kids.

Elliot takes ProZinc, 1.5U BID and eats canned and grain free dry.

Elliot's mom is Toby, the grey tabby pictured next to him.

Owner is moving and can't take her cats with her. If you would like more information please contact DCIN and we will get you in touch with the owner.

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Oh and Toby is Elliott's mom and they are super bonded.