Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome Home, Cajun!!

October 30, 2011--Cajun is now purrmanently at home with Papa Don. Although Cajun still fights his insulin dosing, there are days when Don can stroke his finger along his cheek and get a happy noise from him.

DCIN is fundraising for Cajun's Welcome to the Vet visit.


September 2, 2011 - First thing this morning DCIN got word from Uncle Don, foster dad, that Cajun was sick. He had diarrhea and had been vomiting during the night. Blood sugar last night was 515, at four and a half hours later he was 60 and this morning he's at 245. Uncle Don felt that it was necessary for Cajun to be vetting, he seemed dehydrated. He had eaten half of his food, but whatever he ate had come back out.

From the newsletter: Cajun’s owner surrendered him to a shelter. DCIN received a message recently saying that he was not doing well and would be destroyed at day’s end.

DCIN bought Cajun a little more time. We asked Don to foster Cajun so that the DCIN transport team could plan Cajun’s trip from Pennsylvania to Virginia. But the weekend coincided with Hurricane Irene’s trip north along the Atlantic coast. Less than 24 hours after DCIN had heard of Cajun, he was tucked away in Delaware to wait out the storm. The next day, he completed his trip to Virginia.

Cajun is a friendly but terrified five year old. He purrs when petted, but does not like being held. Diabetes treatment is not among his favorite things. DCIN has placed him on Lantus insulin. Cajun is boney with no muscle. He is not eating well. It is not a dental problem, the vet says. We still need to figure out why he laps up food with his tongue.


Cindy Diane said...

I have been following Cajun, male orange tabby, on facebook & I am so glad you was able to save him. Please give us an update on his medical condition. There's a lady from SE Florida, who would like to adopt him. Her name is Pearl Magee, she has had a diabetic cat before, so she knows how to give the meds/shots. I have a transport called "Well Traveled Pets" that I have used before. Let us know when Cajun is well enough to travel. Thanks, Cindy Diane Poteet (405) 823-1441

Venita said...

Hi Cindy. I am just seeing this comment. It came in while I was away for a month. I will be giving you a call soon!! ~Venita