Monday, September 5, 2011

Fly free, sweet Jasper

November 16, 2011--Sadly, Jasper died recently apparently from a hypoglycemic episode. FDMB post here. Please send sympathies to Sara. She is heatbroken and feeling responsible. ~Venita


September 6, 2011: From the FDMB message board. "My husband and I talked last night and we aren't getting rid of Jasper! I have to get nail caps put on her and get her regulated. But I basically told him that I didn't think I could forgive him if we sent her away. I'm sorry for making you all go through all the work you did trying to find her a home."


September 5, 2011: Jasper, a beautiful spayed calico, age unknown (but under 12YO) needs a home immediately. DCIN has been able to secure a very temporary foster home, very temporary, if you can't take this sweet girl into your home please considering donating towards her care while in foster with Aunt Pat in TX.

Current owner says she is easy going, usually sleeps on her kitty bed on dryer and will sit on your lap on occasion. Does well with other cats, usually avoids the dogs and the baby in the home.

DX FD about 3-4 years ago, no history of DKA; currently on Humulin N twice daily. She is an unregulated FD currently eating 1/2 can Special Kitty BID.

Due to issues at home she can not stay where she is and must move quickly. Aunt Pat has agreed to foster but really cannot do this long term. Vet records are available.

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