Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Diabetics at SPA Ohio

Saturday, Mister Bud, and Peeper are at the Society for the Protection of Animals in Fremont, Ohio. All three need financial assistance, and the first two--Saturday and Mister Bud--need furever homes.

Mr. Bud

There's no emergency about the new homes. SPA Ohio is a true no-kill shelter, and the married couple who runs it believe in caring for all their rescued animals, even those with chronic or serious health conditions. Concerning these three diabetic cats, SPA Ohio said "All are well cared for and loved."

This is the poster we first saw about Mr. Bud. He's an orinch boy, maybe 10, FIV+, and recently diagnosed with diabetes. He probably needs a dental procedure.

Saturday is a white boy with brown tabby markings on his head and back legs. He was found about 5 years ago in terrible shape, requiring that wounds be dressed, his tail be amputated, and a broken leg be surgically set. (See, I told you SPA Ohio is true no-kill.) Saturday loves people, and was adopted by his surgeon at the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. But it turned out that Saturday seriously dislikes other cats and he had to be returned. Saturday has to be an "only." Saturday is about 8 years old, and also is only recently diagnosed with diabetes.

Peeper is about 14 years old and has been diabetic for several years. SPA Ohio is not looking to rehome Peeper. "Peeper would freak out going anywhere else. He loves his routine in the cat room and we will keep him until the day he travels on."

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