Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fly Free, Sweet Tey-Tey

RIP--August 25, 2011--Tey-Tey, may you know that we will shed many tears for your lost opportunity at a better life.

Your cares and worries are over, Tey-Tey. You are now whole, and all who know you and pass by you at the rainbow bridge will smile at your brightness.

"After reviewing the profiles of the other sponsored cats on your website, and noting how many there are and how long some of them have been on the list, I concluded that re-homing Tey-Tey would take longer than I was willing to wait. I had her euthanized this AM."


August 23, 2011--Tey-Tey is a ten year old spayed female who weighs about 14 pounds and is up to date on vax. Brought to the vet for euthanasia, thankfully she was given DCIN’s information. Her current owner loves her but due to her job travels often and can’t afford the costs of the vet tech visits to the home, $25 per day when she’s traveling. Expenses are increasing while owner’s income has been decreasing due to the economy.

There is quite a bit of inappropriate elimination which might easily be fixed if Tey-Tey were hometested. The inappropriate elimination is making it even more difficult for her to stay where she is.

After three years of caring for my Tey-Tey (age 10) I am at the end of my rope, and had released her to be euthanized when I was given your organization's name as a last resort. I am hopeful that you might be able to give her a couple more years by finding a home that can give her the care she needs.

Tey-Tey is a beautiful (see pix) brown tabby with a sweet face and a lot of subtle personality. Although she is not a lap cat, she attaches to people, and lets you know that she knows you are her person. She greets me every day when I come home by rolling over and showing me her belly and purring, and follows me around from room-to-room. When she is feeling lovey-dovey, she will give you small little licks on your legs. If that doesn't get your attention, a sheathed, polite paw will follow until she gets the petting she is after. She communicates with her own language of rumbly noises and mews of different intensity. When she knows I'm about to give her the shot, she does a lap around the kitchen to contain her excitement. (She actually enjoys her shots!) Late at night when she is sleepy, she lets down her guard and will seek out the spot next to me on the couch, no matter how small it is. She is curious, not fearful, about human visitors to her house. She has always been the only animal in the house, and as far as we know, has always lived indoors. I have not had the opportunity to observe her with other animals or children, but she has not taken to the outdoors. She will struggle if you try to pick her up and hold her (unless you support her chin and hold her very tight) but she doesn't hiss or bite people, and the only time she hides is when she isn't feeling well.

As long as she gets her 2x daily shots of Lantus (2 units), and isn't allowed to over-eat, she is in great health. My vet ends up testing her about every 6-12 months for fructosamine, and gives her the complete geriatic blood profile, and she has never had a test result outside of normal range (except for fasting blood glucose, of course). I feed her a high protein diet: Evo kitten/cat kibble and Evo wet food as well. 

Owner took in Tey-Tey from another family member, she states: “Although I had resisted adopting an animal due to my frequent late hours and overnight trips out of town, I reasoned that an indoor cat was manageable because they are so independent and could be left alone with kibble and an occasional check by a neighbor. Nine months later, she was diagnosed with diabetes.”

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The Misadventures Of Me said...

I hope that if I ever become a "burden" to my family because they arent home as much or dont want to take care of me because of diabetes - that they DONT kill me .... Im so sorry that Tey Tey was not given the love and opportunity to be more loved.