Sunday, July 24, 2011

Luna in MA

October 5, 2012--
Luna has learned.. embrace...

...her tree.



September 9, 2012--

With the help of a few treats...

....Luna checks out her new toy.


December 26, 2011--Luna, such a dainty girl, eats with her paw.

And here are pictures of her in her Christmas fashion.




November 20, 2011: Cats will be cats, but Luna, did you have to give a BG of 71 on your second day in your new foster home? Way to keep foster Mom Jen on her toes.


November 19, 2011: Special thanks to Jen A. and her family, as of today they are fostering sweet Luna. We still would like to find her a permanent home of her own, but it's great that she has a soft place to land for right now.

We also want to thank her former foster family for taking such good care of Luna and we hope that the medical issues that have arisen get better quickly.


November 10, 2011: Luna needs a new home or foster home. Foster family loves her and says she is doing great, she is very healthy and affectionate and has been great with kids, but one of the children in the home is very sick and has had severe medical issues that have keep the family away from home for long periods of time.

She needs to with someone who can give her the love and attention she needs.

August 30, 2011 - Can't believe I have not updated this blog. At the beginning of August, Luna went into foster care in Mass. A wonderful woman named Christie who has no experience with feline diabetes but does have lots of experience with human diabetes offered a place for sweet Luna.

She's been getting great numbers. Currently on Lantus, switched over from ProZinc. Her numbers on ProZinc were fantastic but the Lantus is something that we can provide sooner. We're hoping for some new pictures soon and can tell you from this email on Aug. 13th her foster mom said "yesterday morning her sugar was 178, last night 155, this morning 228...and her coat looks good, her eyes look good and she is an absolute love of a cat! Loves to be petted, talked to, does well with other cats with the right introduction."


July 24, 2011--Just look at that beautiful face.

Diagnosed in January, 2011, currently on ProZinc 5 units twice per day, 4 ½ year old Luna is a sweet black kitty in Massachusetts who needs a new home.

Luna is an indoor only cat who does have access to a screened porch and enjoys the fresh air. At about 10 pounds she has a medium build, she’s FIV/FeLV negative and up to date on her vaccines.

Her family says “Luna is a sweet cat, friendly to everyone. She loves to be scratched and stroked. She’s a lapcat, but not obnoxious about it. She will often jump up to our bed for some goodnight scratches, and generally sleeps in the hallway outside the bedroom. Her favorite thing to do is to be on our screened porch watching everything outside. She is easy at the vet.”

Good with cats and children, but has not been around a dog, a home with a gentle dog might work or a slow introduction to a home with a dog.

Due to health reasons, giving shots and cleaning the litter box have become nearly impossible for the primary caregiver. Luna is being treated and cared for, but if she cannot be placed, she may be destroyed. The family is working with DCIN to prevent this and they are doing a fantastic job of networking and trying to find a good placement.


Lisa said...

Is this due to health reasons of the caregiver? In any case, this message, along with photos and link, was forwarded by a friend and I passed it on also.

Venita said...

The caregiver does have health issues that make caring for Luna difficult. Thank you for sharing, Lisa.