Saturday, July 23, 2011

Minuit on Upper East Side of NYC

12/25/12--We received a brief update from Dawn about Minuit:
Minuit is doing great! She has lost some much needed weight and she definitely feels better. She likes to keep my mom company when she is on the computer at night.

July 25, 2011--We have two more pictures of Minuit, and Minuit has the offer or a new home with Dawn.We hope to get her into Dawn's arms tomorrow or the day after.


July 23, 2011--11YO Diabetic Minuit (pronounced min-u-wee) must have a home before July 28 or her people will destroy her. The people are leaving the country for five weeks and they do not want her when they return.

"She is shy, affectionate to the people who take care of her and basically independent and very clean. She likes to have her hair brushed and if she hisses at strangers and small children she never bites but retreats into some hideaway.
She has had all her shots and any that are lacking could be given to her before [someone else takes her].

"We started her on a special diet, it gave her loose bowels but as my husband decided he wanted to put her to sleep we stopped. [My husband] is older and does not want to be stressed out with the cat. Her symptoms are that she does not jump on the table anymore and she urinates outside her box. Not always but she did today."

Minuit is 16 pounds, and eating Iams dry. She was diagnosed diabetic least week, after showing symptoms for about a month. She hasn't started on treatment.

It is unlikely we will find Minuit a home before she is destroyed. I asked her Mom "If you do destroy Minuit, please do it yourself at a vet's holding her in your arms as she goes. That is the kindest way. Please do not send her to a shelter where she will sit in terror for several days to a week before her number comes up and there is no one to hold her and coo at her as she passes."

Mom responded "I will take her to our vet and she will be put to sleep there. First they give a soporific and then a shot. I will be there and I will take her in my arms."


Cat Wisdom 101 said...

Will share with my NYC area groups.

shelter volunteer said...

Take her off the Iams dry and get her on a good, grain-free food. We have several cats at our shelter who were diagnosed as diabetic, and do not need insulin shots, with grain-free food.

Regular cat food, including Iams, has corn in it as a primary ingredient. Corn=sugar=diabetes. Not good for cats, who are carnivores.

Some cats do eventually need insulin, but many do not if they are given the right diet when the diabetes diagnosis is mild.

Please give this kitty a chance to live out her life. I hope when this husband is older and needs special care that he will not be taken to the vet to be put down, as he seems to want to do for his cat.