Friday, July 1, 2011

Ennis's Rebuttal

Stare at my back for just two more days. After that, all you will see is my face.
July 1, 2011--There wouldn't be a DCIN if it weren't for me and my brother Maxwell. We were the ones that brought Mom to the Feline Diabetes Message Board, Diabetic Cat Care, and all those other Internet places for diabetic cats. We thought we were extra sweet doing that for her.

But now Mom has turned her back on me, so I am turning my back on her. I am glad that Maxie isn't here to see this. Yes, I've been a silent fundraising spokescat for DCIN. Folks might not even know my name and birth year if they didn't donate to DCIN. It was my email address that Mom used for DCIN's PayPal account--Ennis93@....

And now Mom's trying to kick me out. She's changing all sorts of things about DCIN, although I know it is really Jennifer's fault. Jennifer and her multiple extra-sweet cats, most of which she has broken. In five years Mom has never broken me, although she was doing that stupid OTJ dance last month. I'm not broken, I am just a bit cracked. Ask Mom. She still finds me high enough to shoot once a week or so.

This morning Mom put a new email address into the PayPal account. Yes, my email address is still there as primary, but Mom says this is a transition. I know what transition means. That's like when Maxie had to change from dry to canned food. He never got dry food again. Transition sounds like a kind word, one full of compassion, but it's not. It means that sooner-or-later, buddy Ennis and your Ennis93 email address, you are out of here.

Well, I may lose the email address battle, but I won't lose the fundraising war. I've had enough of being the silent fundraising spokescat. From now on, I plan to be in your face. Everyone's face. Well, when I get off my butt, which I don't do too often, I'll be in your face. I was in Mom's face all last night, and she didn't sleep well, so maybe that's why she did what she did to the PayPal account this morning.

Mom told everybody that this was a fundraising free week and that she wasn't going to ask for any money for DCIN through Saturday. Tomorrow is Saturday. Well, Mom can just stand aside come Sunday because her previously silent fundraising spokescat will be making lots of noise. If I can get Mom to take pictures of me, I will have her show you my "in your face" looks.

I don't want to hear Jennifer say that I should be a FUNraising spokescat rather than a FUNDraising spokescat. Dear Ms. Jennifer, my middle name is Grumpy. I don't do fun. Maybe you should get one of your broken diabetics to ghostwrite for me if you want fun.

(If anyone wants to send me hats to wear in the pictures Mom takes, I will do that. I see a lot of cats in hats pictures, and I will try that. Cats in hats often look grumpy, and I am the King of Grumpy.)

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