Friday, July 1, 2011

Clumper has a Home

January 28, 2012--I checked up on Clumper and found he has a home.

July 1, 2011--Diabetic Clumper was abandoned on the doorstep of a veterinary clinic in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, several months ago. The clinic has been unable to find Clumper a home among its own clientele and has turned to DCIN for help in finding this sweetie a home.

Clumper is a DSH, Grey Tabby, 8YO, neutered and declawed. We are told he is an ideal weight (although we were not given an exact weight), is an indoor/outdoor (on a harness) cat, and has a very laid back personality. We also are told he is good with dogs, kids, and strangers, but NOT good with other cats. "He would probably be better as a single cat because he does not get along with our elderly clinic cats."

Clumper previously had neuropathy and excessive thirst and urination, but that is cleared. The only current clinical symptom of diabetes is a large appetite. Clumper eats Feline Medical Geriatric canned and Feline Medical Mobility dry.

Clumper has been on varying doses of Caninsulin until recently. He has been occasionally spot checked with a human glucometer. He was switched to Lantus starting at 3U on June 29, 2011.

We are told there are no other health or behavioral problems, and that he has tested FIV/FeLV negative. In response to our question whether Clumper is at risk for euthanasia, we were told "Possibly. Would like to find home ASAP."

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