Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ebony at Home with Jennifer

April 23, 2011--Yesterday, Jennifer (Tucker's Mom) adopted Ebony (aka Lucyfur) from a local shelter. Ebony was surrendered to the shelter around Thanksgiving 2010 because the owner was moving. Ebony was "discovered" diabetic when she was drinking scads of water. She also was very cranky until the shelter staff figured out they should feed Ebony more food. In time, the shelter staff came to love Ebony, and some shed tears when Jenn came to rescue her. However, they did not start her on insulin. Jennifer did that this morning when, after being bit twice (OUCH!!), Jenn got a pre-shot reading of 326 and started the Missy on 1U Lantus. Until Ebony calms down, Jennifer is keeping her separate from her other cats. Ebony will soon be getting her "welcome-to-the-vet" appointment. What we know is that Ebony is FIV/FeLV negative, diabetic, and cranky/bitey. The shelter records say that Ebony is 5YO. DCIN will be paying for the vet visit. Would you like to help? We are expecting a cost of about $300. You can donate for Ebony by sending a donation through PayPal to ennis93 (remove space).
Use the "Personal" tab and the radio button for "gift" to avoid fees on cash and checking donations. If you use a credit card, you can choose to pay the fee to maximize your donation to the fund. You also can email me at ennis93 for an address for mailing a check or money order. Please put Ebony's name in the PayPal note section or your check's memo line.

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The Misadventures Of Me said...

Awww poor baby, she's grouchy and bitey I bet because of the high blood sugar (it makes me cranky when my own gets like that). Get well Ebony, you'll be happier in no time!