Saturday, April 23, 2011

Samantha in FL

April 25, 2011--An email from the woman who sent the original email:
Good news--Samantha found a home with one of the good friends of the woman who passed away!
******************************************************* April 23, 2011--An email forwarded 4/22/11 from Purebred Cat Breed Rescue, Inc. I have contact information.
To Whom It May Concern, I have a sad situation and hope that somehow you can help. My brother-in-law's mother just passed away the other day from cancer. Although she was very sick, it was actually "unexpected" for her to pass away this soon, and thus, she didn't make arrangements for her animals. Friends fortunately took 2 of her 3 animals, but the one that is left is a 10 year old Persian named Samantha. Samantha has a wonderful personality and is very loving, however, the problem is that she is very large, and she is diabetic, needing 2 shots of insulin a day. I live in Philadelphia and I am writing on my sister and brother-in-law's behalf. They live in New Jersey, but they are in South Florida this week for his mother's funeral. She lived in West Palm Beach, which is where the cat is right now. Do you have any room in your rescue for Samantha, and if not, do you have any suggestions? My brother-in-law is happy to pay for all of her medical supplies and any other costs for her foster care. I am involved in cat rescue in Philadelphia, so I know that transport can often be arranged through rescue networks. Thank you very much for your consideration. Please contact me as soon as possible. Lisa F

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