Friday, January 14, 2011

Sorbet, Fly Free Dear Girl

On January 5, 2011, DCIN got a request from Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary in CT to help with Sorbet, who was left at Dakin Humane Society because she was showing signs of sickness, had been taken into foster care, and vetted and shown to be diabetic. The foster Mom was not willing to treat Sorbet's diabetes and Our Companions hoped that DCIN could provide a foster home for treatment. DCIN responded that we had no available foster home, but that we could work with anyone to help them stabilize Sorbet. DCIN posted what little we knew at the time about Sorbet on Facebook. Our Companions thought they had found a treatment-friendly foster home to which they could soon move her. Sorbet was at least changed to a low carb, wet food diet. DCIN received a picture of Sorbet. Our Companions would provide more information once they took "custody" of Sorbet. Yesterday morning, Jennifer and I received this message:
I have terrible news. Sorbet was euthanized last night. She was rushed to an emergency clinic--in shock--and they said she was having organ failures making her go into a unique type of diabetic shock. Unfortunately, she was not Our Companions property and she was not with someone we would have wanted as a foster person. They had started her on low-carb wet food and based on the description of what happened, I am not sure that she was experiencing the issues because of diabetes or something else. The vet who treated her thought she would go through at a long time of suffering and still likely not pull through. I feel terribly for her. Thank you so much for your willingness to help her.
Jennifer and I both were at a loss for words. Some "saves" are just not meant to be. Fly free, dearest Sorbet.